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    Erm well lads ive been writing lyrics for about 5 months now and ive finally got into the studio and got the balls to put it on myspace. So if any of ya could give me some honest feedback then that would be great. Im not bothered if you think its ****, just let me know why yeah, and i will take...
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    Trouble Closing Out Matches

    I am having real trouble closing out games in fm. Its starting to get really annoyin now because even if im up 2-0 with the second half to play or even just half an hour im still losing 3-2 or drawing 2-2. Its not just on this one game either, its been on other saves aswell, so i was wondering...
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    Does anyone care about Records anymore?

    ^^^^ Because i think i might have some :D
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    What would you like to see in FM2008

    Well i thought i'd start a discussion to see what everyone would like to see, be kept in or ditched in FM2008. I personally would like to see the players be less sensitive, for example if you win 1-0 at home and say you have done well, and do this more than once your players begin to moan and...
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    AMR/L And St Needed

    I am lookin for advice again people. I have just sold Miroslav Klose for £20million for Bremen because he wouldn't sign a new deal, so i have £23.5M to spend on an AMR/L and a top class striker. I have just started this game and am in August 06 because my other games went corrupt :mad: . any...
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    just wondering...

    Just going through my Manchester United game and the Champions league semi-finals have been swept by English sides. Just wondering whether anyone else had had this before in the game?
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    The editor

    Hi i have just started my new January update after something happened to my other database and everything went wrong, but i was just wondering whether in the editor you can see how much each competition is worth in prize money? I heard on sky sports news that nest season the winner of the...
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    Everything Has Gone Wrong :( Help

    I have just tried to load up my latest game and it says that it cannot be loaded, then i tried the other 3 games i had on my hard drive but these don't work either. I have reinstalled but they still don't work :mad: :irked: . Has anyone got any ideas whether i can get them working again? I think...
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    Has anyone else seen this?

    I have just started a game with AC Milan and Ronaldo hasn't been playing well, anyway i see that he is unhappy because he has personal problems. So i right clicked on him to offer him to clubs because he is considering his options, anyway for the first time (for me anyway) in any fm game it...
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    EU Striker

    Hi i am looking for a good striker for Auxerre, i need them to be from an Eu country tho because i have no places left in my squad for non EU players. I have around 4 mil to spend so if you have any ideas they would be much appreciated. Cheers Tet
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    Hi im currently managing West Ham and my chairman is discussing a takeover with a consortium. They have hinted that they might make another manager the manager of West Ham, so i was wondering if anyone knew if these hints meant that things were actually going to happen in this way. Also it is...
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    Fake Players

    Hi i have noticed that in this version of fm that Germany and Holland both have fake players in their national squads. I remember downloading a small file for fm2006 that rectified this problem and was wondering if anyone knew whether there was one for fm2007. Cheers Tet Sorry i have just...
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    Worldclass AMR or AML

    Hi fellow posters :D I need your help as i am finding the new game quite difficult to get used to, even though i have played loads of previous fm's and cm's. I need either a AMR or an AML because im man utd and giggs isnt performing. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Tet PS Any good CB's...
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    Wonderful game

    This game is everything i hoped for and more, the interaction between players and managers is superb and the scouting engine is a different class, thanks SI. :D P.S I think i have a record a hat trick in 5 mins how do i post screenshots?
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    Improvig Acceleration and pace

    Hi i am currently Reading and i am struggling which im quite embarrassed about since i have had a lot of money and bought some players that havent had a huge impact, anyway one of my problems is that i have a lack of pace in my squad and rather than going out and buying a new player - because i...