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    Boardroom Interaction

    I want to ask my boardroom to upgrade my youth facilities but when I go to the Boardroom page and go to click Interact with Boardroom it is grey'd out. It says that the boardroom won't deal with any requests until the season expectations have been agreed but I done that at the start of the...
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    Job Adverts

    You place a Job Advert due to knowing you can't attract the top coaches/scouts and whatever when you get your response you then have to look at all the stats to see whos best but you also get a notice that one of them has been in the paper wanting the job. Is that a random choice from the AI or...
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    Tottenham - Target Man

    Peter Crouch got injured for 6 months need a Target Man thats good enough got around 15 Million to spend
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    Tottenham - Attacking Midfielder Right

    Lennon looking to leave [probably to Barcelona] due to having a blinder of a season for us and thinks he is too good for the club [even though we the league in the first season] so need a player that likes to hug the touchline and swing the balls in and pacey. Starting second season.
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    Managers vs Players

    Debate Time. Managers or Players? Who's to blame? If a team under preforms and it's not down to one player is it the players as a whole or is it the Manager? Fabio Capello has head on the chopping block after this mediocre campaign in the World Cup [Personally I wouldn't say it was a ****...
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    Werder Bremen - AML - [Inside Forward]

    Looking for a Inside forward for Werder Bremen as Ozil looks like he's going to use a Bosman at the end of the season I expect probably about 5 million for transfer budget maybe more if I can get rid of a few fringe players anyone got any Ideas. I'm currently heading into my third season will...
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    Manchester City - Striker

    I play one upfront [Adebayor] Targetman and I'm looking for another tall striker equally as good in the air and fantastic finishing. Willing to spend up to £40 million. Thanks.
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    How do you save?

    I cant seem to save the game on the psp as in finding the save button and have to play through a month just for a autosave.
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    Job Offers

    The new season close to kick off and I'm sorting somethings out and out of no way two clubs have just offered me contracts with them. Nothing weird about that except that both clubs are in a division below me. Now that's never happened to me before its like Cardiff offering Arsene Wenger the job...
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    The Video Blogs of a Drunken Man

    "Forever and ever we'll follow the Jags..." was bellowed from Joshua Mackie mouth as he slung his can of Tennents Super into the air still attached to his hand. As the 9% proof slime slunged around the rim of the can the manager at the time of East Kilbride Thistle Colin Mitchell swivelled...
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    Fifa 10 Ultimate Team Release Date

    They said February but anyone got an exact date?
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    Network Game - Help

    I'm running a network game and one of the people forgot to let *** manager deal with friendlies so I forced him on holiday. How do I get him off it?
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    Network Issues

    I'm having network issues with my friends one minute we are playing now the next they try to put my I.P address into server part when it asks but won't them to connect to me saying hes unable to connect any ideas?
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    The Official Patches

    I went to down the official patches from the fm website and it's asking me to find the programme to open them. Any idea how I can resolve this or should I just save it regardless?
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    Free Flowing Tactics

    I've been thinking about this for a while, while creating tactics. When starting at a team and you find your best 11 or what you believe is the perfect 11 for the team if you assign then there individual roles regardless of what your other team is doing do you think the tactic would be...