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    Irish Uprising

    As an Irishman I've always wanted to develop my domestic league into one of the world's best on FM. I began it on FM13 with Shamrock Rovers and made great headway before the newer FM14 came out. I somehow managed to qualify for the Champions League groups stages in the first season and...
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    Becoming A Selling Club

    THE CHALLENGE: SELL SELL SELL!! [*=center]Take over a club with very good youth facilities [*=center]Develop the next superstars [*=center]Sell them on at big profits I started a wee save with Zilina in Slovakia simply because they have a very good youth setup and I am a wee bit fed up...
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    The Emulation Challenge

    The Emulation Challenge Everyone has a favourite manager, be it Fergie, Pep, the Special One or so on. The challenge I present you with is to emulate that manager on FM. Start where he started. Manage who he managed. Win what he won. ______________________________...
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    La Masia - Barca Revival

    Barcelona's La Masia academy is now world famous for producing top class talent, talent that has fed the Barcelona and Spain teams with world class players that have ushered in a period of dominance for both teams. However, most of the current La Masia graduates are coming to the end of their...
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    Sir Alex Ferguson: The Career '14

    So I done this story on FM12 (Sir Alex Ferguson: The Career.) and FM13 (Sir Alex Ferguson: The Career) so here is FM14's go at it. I tried it on a previous thread but forgot to add the English leagues! This will be done alongside my Global Explosion career and I'll switch between them as I get...
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    World Transfer Embargo

    Based on the database found here: Platini's Dream - A Football Manager 2014 World Transfer Embargo Database | Passion for Football Manager FIFA has announced a worldwide global transfer ban in the fight against corrupt agents, betting scandals and mounting club debt. All teams must now...
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    Emulating Sir Alex Ferguson: 2014 Edition

    So I done this story on FM12 (Sir Alex Ferguson: The Career.) and FM13 (Sir Alex Ferguson: The Career) so here is FM14's go at it. This will be done alongside my Global Explosion career and I'll switch between them as I get tired of one and vice versa. Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, born...
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    More Clubs Than Tiger Woods!

    This career is really a mix of a challenge/multiplayer/tactic testing experiment. Using FMC Instant Result I'm looking to take over a few teams on one save, all in the same country and try to excel with each. I've got the idea from a backup save I have where I 'manage' Everton, Southampton and...
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    Gibraltar: Peninsula to Pinnacle

    UEFA's newest member and the minnows of European football who will surely replace San Marino and Andorra as the whipping boys of European football. But... can this be changed? Can a Gibraltarian club ever achieve the impossible - to join, and beat, the European elite? We shall see...
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    Winning All Trophies on FM

    This is a group challenge. Between us all can we win every competition in FM?? Post screens of you winning a league/cup and maybe we can get them all.
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    From Minnow to Master - Andorra '14

    With the exception of Gibraltar and possibly San Marino, the Andorran league is the lowest national league in Europe. Just like the national team, most Andorran clubs are hammered on a regular basis when they enter European competitions. Can this be changed? Can an Andorran club ever achieve the...
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    W4NKERs Global Explosion

    Some of you may be familiar with my long term FM13 career that started off as a Pentagon Challenge and ended in a global trek all the way to 2145. On release of the...
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    W4NKER's Tactics

    Update: 15/01/14 Test version for patch 14.2.1 on post 236 CLICK HERE __________________________________________ Update: 07/12/13 4141 v4 for patch 14.1.4 I switch to Counter when: 1) winning by 2+ goals in the second half or 2) winning by 1 goals on 75mins. On every patch so far this has...
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    Best Player Roles Thread

    With a change to the tactic set up in FM14 it seems that individual player settings will play a bigger role. So post here the best role and individual settings that have got the best out of your players. In January and I have settled on some roles for Man Utd players which has so far brought...
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    The Greg **** Challenge

    THE CHALLENGE - Reduce the number of foreign players in your squad (You can do this voluntarily or using an edited database like Pyscho's for example HERE) - Take over England - Reach minimum Semi Finals of Euro 2020 - Win 2022 World Cup