The 2003/04 DB for FM19

The 2003/04 DB for FM19 4.0

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This is the 2003/04 season database. Everything in the FM19 database, has been reverted back to 2003. All the leagues is as they where back in 2003, with all the teams from back then. The players attributes is copied from CM4 (2003/04 season). So now you have the chance to train and coach all the legends from the beginning of the century, in the best football management simulation game ever. To get the full experience please read the instructions below.

Playable Leagues : France (Ligue 1+2) England (Premier + 1.Div) Italy (Serie A+B) Spain (Primera) Germany (Bundesliga) Scotland (Premier) Denmark (Superliga) Argentina (Primera)

SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Start a new career and !!!IMPORTANT !!! Choose the default FM database 19.1.0. Then tick the box saying 2003/04 DB and make sure no other boxes is ticked. Press confirm and choose advanced setup. Choose how many of the playable leagues you want to load and then press Approximate Player Count, and choose Advanced. Then choose as many nations as you want to load players from besides the leagues you have loaded. Tick the boxes saying Players Based In Nation. Even if your computer says that the number of players exeeds the recommended level it will only load the 10.000 players which is created in the DB. Finally press Start Game and enjoy.

Go and Re-live or change football history.
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I love this DB. CM4 was my first proper CM/FM game so this brings back some Nostalgia!