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    The Manchester United Thread

    If I speak I am in big trouble ?
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Haha that banning of the word made that post look a lot worse than it actually was!
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    The Liverpool Thread

    Ki-Jana Hoever off to Wolves? Can't say I've ever watched him but heard he's decent
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Wow, I had completely forgotten Strootman existed and I used to really rate him at Roma! Mad how you can forget about players
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Probably the best ever for me! Had an unbeaten United side in that for years and years haha. I even had the football on the cover as a kid
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Seen a few databases floating about with old players in, reminded me of plating the old Championship manager games. Kind of made me want to play but I know I wont have any time. Thanks ToD!
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Not played FM in so long and now have a 10 month old kid so I don't see myself getting on it any time soon! Hoping to see big things from Greenwood this season
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    The Manchester United Thread

    All the hype and didn't do anything at Milan. Loaned out a load and did nothing at those clubs, now in Serie C :rolleyes:
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    The Manchester United Thread

    Hello guys! Not been on in a while, how are we all? I see Angel Gomes has been loaned out to Boavista, can see him turning out like Mastour unless he really pulls his finger out
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    Bug or My Mistake?

    Nearing the end of season 2 with Man Utd and I put a 100 mil bid in for Dybala which was accepted. As soon as I try and offer a contract there is a red * by the date of transfer. This bring up some text at the bottom which says something like "June xxxx whatever year it is" - basically next...
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    Defenders for Manchester United

    I've got around 50 million to spend - possibly 70. January 2020 coming up, I have sold Young, Valencia, Bailey (wanted to move to psg, kicked off) Smalling and Jones and got Varane. My defense is Shaw (Tierney coming in Jan as rotation), Lindelof, varane, Dalot with Rojo on the bench and a...
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    Tactic Testers?

    I'm thinking of putting up my tactic that I've developed from the day of release until now (until 2023 or so in game). I've been Manchester united and tweaked and changed my tactic across all of this time and I think it's pretty good. Its a 4 2(cms) 2 (wingers) 2 (strikers) with a specific set...
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    Who Would You Rather?

    Basically vote for which player you would rather have in your team. Every now and then I'll post a new poll and list the winners of match ups here. Comment why you made your choice if you like, remember it's just for fun ;) Round 1 Edgar Davids, one of the most recognisable players in recent...
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    Players You Love / Players You Hate?

    As it's going to be fairly quiet on here while the internationals are on, thought make a thread that popped in to my head. Name a player you love and why. Name a player you hate and why. Love: Gattuso. Gave 100% every game, did whatever he had to to get the win. A pain in the **** to play...
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    Striker PPMs

    Just wondering which PPMs seem to be successful for strikers. I have an all round unreal regen who is AMC / Striker, I use him as a complete forward. He has no PPMs. He scores a lot but not as many as I think he should for his attributes (I'm talking 27 in 32 though so he's still great!) I...