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    Short quick passing ideology

    Hi fellow managers im trying to create a tactic that heavily relies on attacking short quick passes. so far these are the shouts i want to use would this be ok to create this type of football. i didnt click on retain possession because since it relies of quick passing why would retain...
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    Messi Neymar Suarez trio roles

    Hi guys as you know, these players have been playing well together and have formed a great relationship Barcelona 6-0 Getafe: Lionel Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez pass 100 goals for the season as Luis Enrique's side move five points clear of Real Madrid | Daily Mail Online. I am am trying...
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    All nighter FM

    Hi guyz Just wondering if anyone wants to join the all nighter FM 2nite add me on steam: Bdare EPL,Seria A, Bundesliga, LIGA BBVA, Ligue 1, Liga Zibe Sagres Loaded
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    Join in Free Online

    As the title says this is a join free online game. ill be loading Premier League / Bundesliga / SeriA A and brazil/chile for future young stars. When i gather enough players ill start the game Add me : Steam ID: He-Man
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    Seems turning the 3D engine off, but still simulating the match in 2D, removes most if not all of these kinks. A handy workaround, but still a little disappointing that you have to go back in time ten years just to get a working game of football.
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    RVP's stats are immense

    So i pre-ordered and got the beta. Thought ill dabble a bit of FM 13 and try the new united, then i found RVP:D. RVP has been soo buffed up in the game. Currently im trying to understand the match engine so far.
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    Plug and play tactics that use no opposition instructions

    Hi fellow tacticians/managersBasically when i go to the tactic section on here , the most of the popular tactics (koflok, Xenon, il devasto) use no*opposition*instructions*with success and winning titles etc . My question is how is this possible to make because i for one make good tactics (i...
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    Whats the best way to get out of your deep lying playmaker

    Hi guyz. I play a short passing attacking 442 tactic with ease and all departments are going well except my deep lying playmaker, Would like to ask what has been the best setting for you for that position. i cant get past 6.7 6.9 ratings .
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    A Defence Theory for Centrebacks

    Hello All Managers and Tactians I have a theory but i want you know what you guyz think and whether it may work. So Basically ive got a super 442 (Short Passing/ Quick / Attacking) tactic, scoring for fun 90-110 per season but the defence needs to be worked on conceding about 25-28 goals per...
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    World Cup Network GAME NOW (Using European Countries so all can play)

    haimachi:fmworldcupgame password:fm2012
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    Long EPIC PREMIER LEAGUE Network Game Available Anytime Committed Game

    Hamaichi :moedare passoword:fm2012 mon-sat 12:00pm - 00:00am (possibly later if you want) sun:9:30pm-00:00 NO STEALING OF COACHES NO MORE THAN 3 48MONTHS CONTRACT TRANSFERS COMMUNICATION SKYPE: dondare Steam: Bdare
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    Any free players thats love fm and can play Network Game Anytime Please Post here

    Hi fellow managers League: Prem Looking for 5 players (COMMITED) NO STEALING OF COACHES NO FUNNY 48 MONTH TRANSFERS OR RIDICULOUS ONES TEAM IVE PICKED: ARSENAL Gathering players who would like to play a long game of football manager and have the time to do that. If you wanna play my...
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    Bayo's "Mr Oizo" (Flat Beat) Tactic 4312

    Bayo's "Mr Oizo" tactic Hi fellow managers. This a tactic I am currently working on. Its based on Possession and Sweet Football. This consists on Control with slow short passing game, the attractivness of Arsenal in their "hey day" and the sublime of Barcelona. This will guarantee loads of...
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    Do Patch/Match Engine changes make a difference

    Hi fellow managers and tacticiansXD I know this may sound like a silly question but " Do Patch/Match Engine changes make a difference" . I know that definitely when SI release a new patch they often show the change logs and what has been implemented in the new patch. Now the thing is, i make...
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    Trequartista Problem

    hi BetterHalf and members. ive got a problem Whats the best player instruction for a lone trequartista Basically i need him to score and assist play but cant quite figure out the right player instructions Also i gave my Inside forwards 14 creativity and advance playmaker 15-16 creativity.