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    Sunderland-The rebirth

    After being sacked while in 7th 4 points of 2nd spot bizzarly i decided to take them over and get them back to the prem
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    Non League to legend

    So i started my main save in which i start in non league and work my way up the leagues and aim to win many trophies along the way I started off at darlington as they are closets to my house and meant i could commute rather than move house 1st season went very well and massivley unexpected in...
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    So my previous save is over lol i accidentally saved over it so i will now start again So taking a break from pillaging and plundering Ragnar Lothbruck takes over at 19th place Newcastle i will do rest of the month and then update
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    So i started a Sir Alex ferguson challenge and got West Brom The results were great especially against the big boys such as UTD and City This allowed us to finish 11th in the league FA Cup By winning the FA Cup we go into the Europa League something i did not expect in 1st season...
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    Non League to legend

    Non league to legend So as i have done for the last 2 years i have done a non league to legend save and FM18 is no different... I started at York City this year who were in the Vanarama national north and was doing ok in 5th place,but this was not enough to stay as they sacked me saying i...
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    The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    Reqiurements Holiday until November 6th - Ferguson took over Man United on Novermber 6th 1986 Take over the team 2nd bottom in the Premiership - United were 2nd bottom when Fergie took over Stay at this one club - Ferguson stayed at United until 2013 Aim to bring youth players through -...
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    The Journey

    The save i am doing now is the everton save from lollujo's youtube channel so please check him out... ok so i am starting at the exact point i downloaded the save i will be tryign to win as much as possible with everton, but if a club offers me a job i will consider it. transfers previous...
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    Non League to Legend

    my 1st story for while and it gonna be a tough it is a Non league to legend. Rules 1..Realistic job moves 2. Get Director of football to sign staff(Not players) 3.sign players that come up in scout report 4.DON'T download tactics I will introduce the new staff and players, as well as what...
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    Holding out for a hero

    Ok guys so i have never done this in any past FM's so i want to try and achieve it.....and this s the English Hero challenge... i had no idea who i wanted to to be so i asked fm to pick a team for me so who did i get then..... So i had never heard of this team to be fair so i had to have a...
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    no games on telly for championship

    just noticed this championship games for any team has been shown on telly....has this happened to you guys
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    cant say i have seen this before

    i have never had this before...i would not mind but the guy has been amazing for me so far 3 games 2 assists and 7.15 match rating in the then he does his cruciate ligamants
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    Help with strikers

    hey guys i am struggling to get the best out of my strikers can any one give some hints n how to do so....i am leeds( so i know we don't have the best lol) i also have a southampton save to and still not really getting much from them either Leeds strikers...Chris wood,mirko antenucci and...
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    Sir Alx Ferguson

    "I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Football. ****** ****." - Sir Alex Ferguson, 1999 The SAF Challenge Now the replication approach is often touted: Start at East Stirlingshire, win European cup with Aberdeen and go to United. However this has been done before and is following his...
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    The Sir Alex ferguson Challenge

    Ok so my last story failed as i did get sacked for losing the dressing i am going for another Challenge in the Sir alex ferguson here are the rules and things i will adhere too "I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Football. ****** ****." - Sir Alex Ferguson, 1999...
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    Any clubs you just cannot beat

    ok so every year i get a team i just cannot beat... to 2 are normally west ham...and more in particular FM15 it is norwich...just wandered if you guys have one