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Recent content by Diavolo1992

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    For someone who hasn't bought yet?

    Hey guys, it is very long time that i touch FM, about 5 years or so. I guess that there were a lot of changes, but still is it worth the cost? That game is one of more expensive games. Tnx
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    Struggling to find the best cooaches

    Hey, i hope that u can help me out. I am looking for the best coaches from list made by one website, but i really cant find all coaches from that list, not even half of them. Which leagues do u load for all these coaches and how large the database should be. I tried to load 12 leagues with...
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    Squad Win bonuses

    Hey guys, i have a little problem, i have about 10M in my budget and i need that money to allocate for squad win bonuses. But i am expecting one player to arrive for about 10M, so which date it is usually deadline to allocate that money...before 30th august or after that? Because this player...
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    4-5-1 Emirates by Vincent 14.3

    Hey guys, i just found put very interesting tactic on korea forum. In fact it is perfect set up. Results from creator are fantastic. Yeah, you need very good team to achieve those results, that he managed and some skills too. But still, results are impressive. Do training on your own, no...
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    4-1-2-1-2 Control/Attacking

    Hey guys, because of extremely challenging FM 14 and very realistic ME, which adapting to any tactic at least in 1 season, if not earlier, you simply must have at least 2 different tactics. Because of that i decided to pick danilo and arturo tactics, which are imo the best available on this...
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    4-3-3 tactic

    Hey guys, i am looking for decent 4-3-3 tactic for milan 1st season. I am looking for this system: I really dont know, how to set up TI and PI, but i am sure about core...regista with box to box and complete forward. Please, any suggestions would be welcome.
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    BagdadCowboy 2.0

    Hey guys, i saw a lot of good things about bagdadcowboy tactic. I am sharing some useful informations coming from creator into this thread. Some people complained about getting countered in some games, prevent this from changing the gameplan from "Controll" -> "Counter" I also added some...
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    Transfer tips and tricks

    Hey guys, this year FM is really tight on transfer budget, so here are my tips, that could increase available budget from 10M to 50M+. Lets go to the business... LOADED LEAGUES In my experience loaded leagues play huge part for selling players. I have always loaded top leagues like italy...
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    Non- EU dilemma

    Hello guys, i have dilemma with non eu players. I can sign max 2 players utside of europe, my targets are lucas silva, doria and jeronimo. So 3 players, which are cheap and so **** talented and already good. Although, i get reject from doria agent everytime, so who to buy instead...
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    Hey, guys! I saw very successfuly and popular tactic from FM Korea. Off course i am talking about famous Volante by Bincia. I am not korean, no even close, but i will try to translate as best as possible to share all informations. Tiki Taka+ Pressing+ Solid Defence As you can see, what he...
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    Players getting tired after 1 match

    Hey, after new patch i have big problems with condition of my players. After 1 preseason match condition drop under 70 or even under 60. I never saw something like this in any version. Repeat, after just **** 1 match. This year is FM completely unplayable with so many bugs.
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    Runtime error

    Hey guys, i have really big issues with runtime library error(or something like that). I tried everything...deleted files, changed from GPU to software, updated net framework and other staff. I really dont know, what should i do :S Please, help.
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    Davide Santon and Jetro Willems- asking price

    Hey guys! I am in the 1st season and i want to buy santon or jetro willems for my milan squad. I already have de sciglio and abate with constant as back up. Urby is not good enough and i will sell him, so which is cheaper? I have about 10-15M in my budget. Cheers!
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    Cheap trequartista

    Hey! I am looking for cheap and good trequartista...any suggestions, which attributes are most important?
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    Crashing during match

    Hey! I have original game, but i have big problems with crashing. Let me explain the problem... So, i start the match and then go out for couple of hours, but game crashing, when i came back! Poor you FM 13!