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Recent content by GeordieRichee

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    Transfer/Wage budget Adjustment after the latest update

    The new update may have fixed Issues in the game But the change to transfer/wage budget adjustments and them not being available while you have active bids is not realistic and just down right annoying brrrrr Especially when you are trying to get in your favorite players to/or restructure your...
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    Looking for a good Left Back for Newcastle

    I have upto £6 mil to spend on a quality left back , I already have Gabriel Araujo at Newcastle who is developing well , but I need an older quality player to help my 2nd season push for a place in europe ... I know David Santon can play left back but I would prefer a natural left footed player...
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    Fernando Lucas Martins - Gremio

    Name: Fernando Lucas Martins Club: Gremio D.O.B: 3/3/1992 Nationality: Brazil Position: Centre Midfield Strengths Agility , Marking, Natural Fitness, Pace , Stamina , Long shots , Free Kicks Weaknesses: Crossing ...
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    Where is the Editor located

    I have installed FM12 fine but for the life of me I cannot find where the editor is ? I have looked in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\football manager 2012 but I cannot see where the editor is :S
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    Name : Radamel Falcao Garcia Zarate " Le Tigre" (The Tiger) Club : FC Porto D.O.B : 10/2/1986 Nationality : Columbian Position : Striker Strengths : Finishing, Bravery, Determination, Composure, Heading ,etc Weaknesses: Postioning, Freekicks, Marking , none of them affect his attacking...
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    Life without Andy Carroll

    As we wait for the new patch (or those using LFCMarshalls transfer update in preparation ) I am trying to comply a list of suitable replacements and players who will actually sign for the club , I mean yeah we have £30 mil burning a hole in our pockets and to be realistic the team needs 2...
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    Name: Fernando Francisco Reges Club: FC Porto D.O.B: 25/7/1987 Nationality: Brasil Position: DMC / CM Strengths: Tackling Aggression Teamwork Workrate Determination Bravery Anticipation Weaknesses: Finishing Flair Description: Tenacious Defensive Midfielder Personality: Resolute...
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    Mathias Ezequiel Schelotto

    I found this player with my scouts and got him on a free at start of season 2 He looks like he may turn out into a quality winger with a bit of retraining . maybe you know him already He is starting out pretty good
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    Screenshot Uploading to forum

    how do you attach screenshots to postings ? everytime I click on the drawing pin to attach anything it just loads the homepage of FM Base Help please P.S. sorry if I'm just being a bit dense loloO)
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    Help with Newcastle United

    I'm really struggling to make Newcastle work this time round and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on which players should I sell and who should I try and sign ? In the team report nearly all aspects of the team are poor (poor passing,poor determination etc etc) brrr I've been trying to...
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    Newcastle Cheap CB ST

    Just sarted first career with Newcastle i'm looking looking for a cheap CB a cheap good striker to play poacher role alongside Carroll and a CM my budget is 1.6 mil but hoping to raise about 4 mil in total after transfers out oO)
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    Jonas Newcastle United

    I am in a dilema with Jonas has anyone got the best out of him and is he worth keeping around now I'm in premier league he's just not performing as well . Am I wasting my time trying to get the best out of him ? Should I just cut losses and sell him ? he is upto 5.5 mil now :S
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    Newcastle newly promoted need players

    Hi I have just been promoted with Newcastle United and need a few quality players the main positions I need to fill are 2 cm 1 rw 1 striker and a goal keeper Any ideas would be welcome i am looking for quality tried and tested players ( I already have signed Djalo and Skjelbred ) :S
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    Newcastle - Multiple Positions

    Hi I am currently trying to get Newcastle to be a quality team and need players with a distinct lack of cash I'm looking to sign young players who can perform now any ideas pls . I would like to find a defender cb rb cm lcm rcm cf st cf I play 4-3-3