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    A club in turmoil, saving the Red Devil's from despair

    BREAKING NEWS - FERGUSON OUT 11.07.09 9:32am Ground breaking news has just been released from Old Trafford as Sky Sports sources can reveal. The Glazer family, who very controversially took control of Manchester United in 2005, have today announced the departure of club legend Sir Alex...
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    Jake89's 4-3-3 Inside Forwards

    Hey guys, was hoping some people would like to give this tactic a go for me, as I have had great success with it playing as Birmingham. I finished 10th in the 1st and 2nd seasons, and then using this tactic I miraculously won the Premier League in the 3rd season, with a far from fantastic team...
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    Have you played FM whilst drunk?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you boot up FM whilst ridiculously drunk? I have been known to do so on many occasions and make some outrages transfers and lose a lot of games! Just the other week I signed Aruna Dindane, what was I thinking!!!
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    Jake89's World Cup Betting Thread

    Hi guys, thought I would start a betting thread to post any bets you have made, won or lost on the World Cup so far, or are going to make. Here you can post any wins you have had, how much, what on etc, and also any information or advice you wish to offer to other readers for example, a bet you...
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    Gunning for Glory

    BREAKING NEWS FROM SKYSPORTS Wenger forced out after another season of disappointment News has just broken that Arsene Wenger has parted company with Arsenal after yet again failing to deliver on his promise of trophies and glory. Despite building a promising young side in recent years...
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    Jake & Curt's Kit Requests

    Hi, I am pretty much a noob to this kit making business but I am enjoying it and think I am getting better the more I make, so I thought I would offer to make some for people to try and improve. Here are examples of the very few kits I have made so far: Jake's Work: Curt's Work: Please...
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    Custom Logo Please :)

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody would be kind enough to make me a club logo for the team I have created on the database editor. The team is called The Janice Experience (Dont ask) and the club colours are black pink and white. If anybody could please help I would be extremely grateful...
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    Help Please

    Hi Guys, Accidentally unticked the box which says "Are you sure you want to go to match" on the tactics screen, so now when I have a match I very often accidentally go straight in as the message doesn't come up prompting if I want to submit my team or not, and I then field tired or weaker...
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    From A Sticky Situation To The Top With the Toffee's...

    Started this game to trial Dan's tactics from his West Ham game but have really enjoyed it so thought I would post my story so far.... After Ferguson announced that he was going to be resigning from football at the end of the season, David Moyes made the decision to leave Everton in hope of...
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    Always Sh*t on the English side of the Bridge- A SCFC story.

    I know I only started a thread this morning with Sunderland, and I was really enjoying the game, but game file became corrupt. It's the first time it has happened to me and I only downloaded the 10.3 patch update this morning so i'm guessing its something to do with that. Im hoping it doesnt...
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    The Stadium of White- An English Revolution

    STEVE BRUCE SACKED AS SUNDERLAND MANAGER! Steve Bruce was today relieved of his managerial duties after he was found guilty on the charge of match fixing. After Liverpool beat Chelsea on Sunday morning the title was in Manchester United's hands and they unexpectedly dominated Sunderland and won...
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    Knocking Fergie off his perch

    Just like the way Alex Ferguson has taken Manchester United to the next level of domination in terms of English football, I am now going to try and emulate and surpass Ferguson and his achievements with United's most bitter rivals, Manchester City. I know many people will have started stories...
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    Hero to Villain in 2016

    So this story is carrying on from my Fulham and then Manchester United careers. If you want a full story of them they can be found here : 2009/10 -...
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you install some sort of autosave feature in the posting system ? Several times now I have been writing an update and I have accidentally clicked off the browser, of reloaded the page. It is SO annoying as I put about an hour into writing a story earlier and then almost...
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    Best Player Ever ?

    Best Player Ever ?