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    Promising DEEP 4-2-3-1

    Hello Just started playing FM again, need something to play while im away on my laptop EDIT: TACTIC ON PAGE 2 IN WORKS RIGHT NOW: Started working a bit on my 4-2-3-1 deep. Previous work...
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    INSTANT result skin

    Hey installed fm18 last week after 2 years absence I use the instant result skin for testing does it work good in fm18? is the manager using my exact tactic?
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    Can a player get the "relation" back?

    Hey I just rejected a bid from a youngster and forgot to talk with him hes no furious and I cant interact with him at all Hes got 2 years left Any chance he will forget this? Im QPR, if we get promoted maybes hes happy with me again?
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    How to get the editor (beta)

    Hey guys Im still using the beta as Im unsure wether or not I will buy the game this year I was a beta tester so I got it Im gonna make a save and se If I can get FM going for me this year But I need the editor to edit some players that have been criminally underrated to me Anyway, I cant find...
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    Cant train a certain player in a new speciality

    Hi I want to improve a single footed wonderkids weak foot However, I cant train him in any speciality It works for all other players, yes of course im in charge of individual training I have tried to remove all his other training like new position and second focus Saved, vacationed, everything
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    FM on SSD

    Hey Should I expect a much better experience on a SSD? I have a laptop with an SSD so Im thinking of playing FM on that one instead of my SSHD computer Big difference?
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    Kallemannens Deep 4-2-3-1 on FM16

    Hello EDIT: Tactics have been created with OI I didnt know was present during my tests wait for proper tacitc (probably new thread) Ive done my best today to create my 4-2-3-1 from last year with DMs Its harder this year but I think I made a nice attack and fixed the defence in this one with...
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    Getting FMed more often in FM16

    Hi I plugged TFFS Fm16 predator as third tactic, I was gonna use it in the cup with bayern Before I played my own 4-1-2-1-2 tactic with huge sucess. But then, suddenly i lost 2-4 to ******* Ingoldstadt.. they had 3 shots and scored 4 goals So I though, well yeah, need to switch things up as...
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    The Fifa - 4-1-2-1-2 Wide by Kallemannen

    Hello If anyone here is familiar with the Fifa series franchise (football game) which I guess most of you are, you will know that for a long time, the 4-1-2-1-2 was insanley OP and was used by every single pace abusing kid out there... Fifa 16 finally made more central formations the best, but...
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    Did they fix "corner exploit"

    Hey It seems now that someone is always marking your player that is coming short I think I have seen it before even in FM15, but now it happens all the time my short corner still provide corner goals but it seems less effective Maybe it was always a bit like this? Am I wrong here or have SI...
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    Deadly Duo by Kallemannen [symmetrical roles 4-4-2]

    Hello 1.1 version, best possession and defence i could get for now I named this tactic project "Deadly duo" cause its my first ever 2 striker tactic. I always played with 1...
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    Deadly Duo by Kallemannen [symmetrical roles 4-4-2]

    Hello I named this tactic project "Deadly duo" cause its my first ever 2 striker tactic. I always played with 1 st tactics, but now I got so bored of it and the idea of having 2 strikers in a classical 4-4-2, symmetrical with both strikers scoring was very appealing. Some important info in...
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    Kallemannens DEEP 4-2-3-1 [Tactic development thread]

    Hello EDIT: SCROLL DOWN SOME POSTS FOR OI! I USED THESE OI, you can also try to play without but then i have no idea how the tactic will perform Get the latest version here: Use the OI showed in a post in on the first page...
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    Overrated/Underrated players Thread!

    Hello Here we can discuss players we think are underrated, or overrated ingame. Both potential and CA. But remember , if you want to write out exact Ability and Potential (CA & PA) always hide it in spoilers. So if you are using the editor and have seen a couple of PA, CA you think is wrong...
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    No more "standard" corner option?

    Hello I never made set pieces in fm, I always stole others (hehe) The main reason being I dont think its fun, id rather make tactical systems and so i have never put my mind to it I can now see though, that they removed the standard options And every good corner tactic on FM15 (?) kinda...