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    Difficult decision

    Esposito is one of the best strikers I've had this game in any save. By the time he's 23 he's usually the best in the world.
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    Takeover in the first season?

    Newcastle got took over in late Sept on my first save
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    8 Years Later

    I've got around 6 months left of simulating through to 31st May 2023, running around 60 leagues across Europe with Brazil, Argentina and USA. Any country I loaded up has all playable leagues added. I've stopped on 31st May 2023 as it will allow to add/remove leagues before the European...
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    Hi guys

    Hi all, disappointed that it has come to this but I can't find an option to delete my fm-base account. Does anyone know where the link is hidden on my profile? I can't be doing with the pages and pages of spam that are here everyday and have no aspiration to have any of my details affiliated...
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    Martin Odegaard

    SI Games have released Odegaard to the wild as they now have permission to use him in the game. He is currently lurking on the steam workshop ready to become this years Kennedy Bakircioglu..... I sincerely hope not. Link to SI Games in workshop
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    Uploading to Workshop

    Has anyone had any experience of doing this? I've created Martin Ødegaard and created his links (father etc) debuts, height etc but can't seem to upload it to workshop through the editor. Has it in fact uploaded but awaiting moderation etc? Or am I just plain doing it wrong?
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    Jesus Christ it's Vallejo

    Hi all, I haven't seen him in the forum yet but check out Jesus Vallejo from Zaragoza. Youth player with 675k release clause. All the top clubs bid for him at start of the game. Apologies there isn't a screen shot but I don't have Internet where I am. If anyone can post a screen shot that would...
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    Last chance

    So having finally decided to come back and give FM one last chance to save me from ending my affiliation with the series and take my money elsewhere due to the increasing number of bugs and issues we continue to face I'm going to launch a full career mode with Southampton, running 56 leagues...
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    YouTube Login

    Has anyone else experienced issues in not being able to login to YouTube? I've tried several times and it just comes back with the same error message and I don't know a workaround. I've tried the Google Two Step Verification and also removing Two Step Verification. Tried changing...
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    Sandro replacement

    Just a quick one, been toying with the idea of letting Sandro go. Man Utd and Man City keep inquiring about him and i reckon i can get 30+ million for him. Obviously need a replacement in mind. Been looking at Tiote and Anita but not convinced they have the potential to be as good as Sandro...
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    Football Manager stole my life: 20 years of beautiful obsession

    Football Manager stole my life: 20 years of beautiful obsession For anyone who hasn't I strongly suggest you read this book before you go off slating FM 13 and the various bugs in the game. I'm only 37% of the way in (reading on Kindle), but it was definitely worth the few quid off Amazon...
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    Transfer Budgets

    Ok so I've just been toying around with which club to go and I've noticed that if you choose a team to manage you can go to the boardroom immediately and push your transfer budget to the max (lowering wage budget) and then attend the board room meeting and say you're unsure of the season budget...
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    It's not that hard is it?

    I've read a load of comments about how full of bugs the game is and some people not being able to win any games but I seriously think that all of this is just part of the difficulty level. I'm on my Newcastle save and have only conceded a single goal in the first 5 games and that was because...
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    From BBC News Website: (BBC News - Wales manager Gary Speed confirmed dead) Horrible news and untimely death for such a legend and true professional. Deepest sympathies to his family.
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    Furious! Enraged!... Ultimately.. Dissappointed

    Having played FM since the days of CM and CM Italia, I consider myself somewhat of a veteran, to the game at least. I have won cups galore, battled relegation and managed national teams. I've signed the greatest players in the world, the biggest flops and best bargains. I've...