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    Cheapest place to download fm 2013??

    Never downloaded the game, usually buy the CD.. but if anyone knows, where can I download it for the best price?
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    FM 2010 - 2012/13 Season update

    Gone of FM 2012 for a bit, plays way to slow on my computer. So made an update for FM 2010, it's not too big only 2800+ changes... Mainly changing the bigger clubs to as they are now including transfers, manager changes, league changes and correct teams for the Champions League and Europa...
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    NextGen Series 2012/13

    I know this doesn't just involve English clubs, but as there is an English team in every group I'll post it here. There are 9 new clubs that signed up for the tournament after it proved a major success in its first season. The 9 new clubs taking part are: Arsenal, Athletic Bilbao, CSKA...
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    Season 2001-2002 Database for FM 2012

    I am making a db for FM 2012, going back to season 2001-2002.. I know madridboy has been making the same database with a lot more detail to the one I am making.. This database won't make every team to 2001-2002 squads, but mainly the "big sides".. I plan on fully changing...
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    Editing question

    I'm currently using default patch 12.0.0.. never usually update the game (unless it fixes a major bug).. Just want to know i'm interested in making a database that will take the game back to season 1999/2000.. Bring back the likes of Batistuta, Figo, Scholl, Effenberg, Bergkamp, Roy Keane etc...
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    Cheap players for big clubs?

    I always tend to buy the same players when starting a new game.. I don't like to spend over the odds and usually try take over a club with an average squad and try to improve them on a budget. Ill name a few I try and sign Kara - £1.2m - CB / DM Zanev - £300k - LB Sven Bender - £6.5m - DM...
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    Sidney Sam

    Amazing player. He's cheap (£3.9m) Young at 23 years old.. A scorer of great long shot goals not only in real life but on FM Can play on both wings and as a striker AMRL / ST Preferred position AMR and he's left footed His attributes..... Acceleration 18 Agility 18 Pace 16 Flair 18 Dribbling...
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    Tactics made using Barcelona

    Tactics made using Barcelona are POINTLESS! You can pretty much use any tactic with Barca on FM 2011 and it will dominate, play nice football and rarely lose. "Oh look I have 0 defeats in 30 games, this tactic is amaaaaazing". NO! The squad of players is amazing. Why can't people use a team...
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    Can you change rules?

    Can you change the rules, like for the English prem.. not having to add 8 home grown players.. or for the Ukrainian league, not having to use x amount of Ukrainian players in the squad etc?? Possible??
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    Defensive tactics??

    Hi, I prefer defence to attack, i would much rather take a 1-0 win over a 5-2.. I love keeping clean sheets. I'll admit I'm not the greatest at making tactics on FM 2011 and don't completely understand the tactical side of the game, as I only recently have started playing FM after playing...
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    Hi, Im kinda new to FM 2010, have been playing cm 0102 all these years.. As for the tactic side of this game its completly different, alot more in-depth.. Im struggling to make a good tactic. I see many people that make tactics on here going on about how many goals their tactic can score...