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    Rossi v Benzema

    Hi Guys,<br><br>I need some FM Player advise, I am currently playing as Man Utd using Might and Magic Tactic.<br><br>Looking to improve the front line and bring in competition for Rooney who plays as a DLF, Rossi and benzema seem to fit the bill and are both avaiable and want to come to me for...
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    Kevin Gamiero.....Goaaallllllllll machine!!!!

    Guys....this little french man is a true goalscorer, I am only in December and hes scored 24 goals in 20 games! Anyone else had good results with him?
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    World Class LB!

    Hey guys, I am Man Utg going into season 2014/2015 and I am looking to sign a world class LB, but I am really struggling to find someone that fits the bill to replace Evra. Any suggestions, would not want to spend more than 25M :-)
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    Helping with the clubs finances!?

    Rite, Question for you FM'ers out there. I am Man United and as we know they have huge debts and if you have ever manages them you will know they make BIG losses each month. I am not buying anyone this summer but have sold a few so i have 120M in my transfer budget which I am not using, so...
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    Nani the Portuguese goal machine!

    Just wanted to share this with you.....I have searched the threads and cannot see any similar so hope I am allowed to post this lol I have NANI playing as an Inside Forward support to my loan striker Rooney and I seem to of discovered the perfect formation and role to bring the best out of...
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    Just wanted discuss this Brazilian wonderkid.....can he make it in the Prem or is he too weak and better suited to La Liga? Is he a similar stly to Ronaldinho or more like a Romario...any thoughts?
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    Badstuber as LB

    I am looking to by a LB for my Barcelona game...I can get Badstuber form Hertha BSC for around 12M but it says he is naturally a CB but I have only seen him play in real life as a LB for FC Bayern. Just wondered if any of u guys have played him as LB in your FM game and is he worth 12M? :-)...
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    Ajax tactic?

    I am looking to bring back the glory days to Ajax, anyone have a suggestions for a good tactic for this team?
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    European Sleeping giants!

    I am looking to re ignite a EURO sleeping giant, but who falls into this catogry? Ajax maybe? Your opinions FM's?
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    Desperate need of a United tactic?

    Guys, Im playing a 4-4-2 with attacking wingers as inside forwards. First season went ok, and I thought 2nd seson would be my year but no luck. I have treid tweaking my tactic but its no good, I am currently 9th after 17 games 14 points off top. I always get beat by the big team, trash the low...
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    Akinfeev FLOP!

    Just bought Akinfeev for 22.5M to replace Van Der Sar in my 2nd season, and is has made a BIG mistake in at least 5 games and I have only played 9! Drops balls, misses crosses, rushes out and gives the ball to the opposition for them to go and score. Anyone had the same problem? what can I do :-(
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    Claudio Marchiso or Moussa Sissoko?

    Looking for someone to compete with Fletcher for the MC box to box midfield position. Has any got any view on Marchiso or Sissoko? Both would cost me around 15M
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    Javier Pastore OR Yoann Goucuff?

    Decision......Pastore will cost me 24M and Goucuff would cost me 60M? Anyone had experience with these players? They would be playing in MC as playmaker role...is Goucuff really twice the player of Pastore? as Pastores stats look imense? HELP!!!!
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    Looking for a MC Playmaker?

    Guys, I am Man Utd close to finishing my first season, I currently play a 4-4-2 but with the wingers playing as Inside Forwards. Fletcher in the holding role and sway Scholes and Giggis for the MC playmeker role, I am in desperate need of 2 replacements for this role???? Any ideas?
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    Who is the best British DMC player?

    Looking for a solid DMC, has to be British as I am playing an all British game. See my story below if u want! But who is the best in that position now and in the future?