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    The Career Of Steven Gerrard - Out Of The Cauldron And Into the Fire

    THE CAREER OF STEVEN GERRARD - OUT OF THE CAULDRON AND INTO THE FIRE Hello everyone and welcome to my Career Thread with Steven Gerrard who as we all know was appointed as the new manager of Glasgow Rangers last month.A great player in his day and at the age of 38 certainly would not look out...
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    New Championship Online Game

    Hi folks, Looking to hopefully again get a game started in the English Championship soon with some reliable guys get a fun save going... Add me if you are interested please guys lets get a good save going!!! Heres my profile - Steam Community :: Steff
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    New Scottish Career Save

    Looking to get a scottish Online save started up pretty soon.Will be playing most nights where possible but this can be re arranged if need be.Feel free to leave your steam name and we can get started up asap.Cheers guys speak soon.
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    Anyone fancy a dedicated network game? Please read description fully though!!!

    Hi everyone. So the time has come in FM16 to see if i can get my 1st Online game of the series up and running had a good few saves with a diffrent few lads on FM13,14,15 and some not so good ones but im hoping theres someone out there a bit like myself who,at times gets a bit bored of the...
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    Hi everyone, Seem to be getting a "not responding" message every now and then,becoming a bit problematic to be honest.Ive tried clearing my cache etc,still comes up every so often.What causes this? Im running about 4nations with about 2 leagues from each,so dont really see what the issue...
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    Couple of lads needed for a new game

    Looking a few folk to get a BPL save on the go,Must be committed to playing hopefull get a good game started up.Probably looking for about 3 people to join.Preferably from the UK or a very similar timezone.Couple of notes on the game are as follows.Hoping to get started about 8pm tonight GMT...
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    Scandinavian Online Game

    Im looking to get one last save up and running just before FM16 comes out,and hopefully with the right players we can carry on with this into 16,A scandinavian save is what im starting up here.If you fancy joining please leave me a note of your steam ID and i will be in touch asap. Genuine...
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    Hi everyone,last online game here hopefully before FM16 appears,looking to get one dedicated player with at least 800hrs of FM playtime,similar as myself.Would maybe like to do a scottish save whether it be a lower or bigger team.Times of play will most likely be late at night,23.00(GMT TIME) at...
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    Needing advice on my new tactic,what would you change? If anything.

    looking for some advice on my tactic that im perservering with here,anyone want a look at the finer details of it for me,maybe suggest anything/changes etc. Thanks in advance guys.
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    Gateshead FC- The Jewel Of The North East.

    History of the Club Gateshead was reformed in 1977, this time asGateshead FC. The club were immediately accepted into the Northern Premier League. By this time, their home ground, the Gateshead Youth Stadium, had been upgraded and renamed as Gateshead International Stadium with facilities...
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    New Online Game-Serious player only please.

    Looking for someone quite like minded to play online with,got quite bored now of "Offline" play.Looking for just the one person who can play most times,although this can be discussed later,no exact times/days/nights hence why just the one person wanted,makes an easier game. If you fancy playing...
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    Bit of spec advice needed with setup

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice here really.I have a old Toshiba lappy that just runs on 2GB ram but i use a USB with autoboost on it.With regards to the setup of the new game,i dont really pay much attention to the star rating on FM but with my computer how would you tend to set a...
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    New Online Game Anyone?

    Hi everyone, Im looking to get a new online game started up with someone,to play most nights where possible.Not too bothered about what leagues nations etc just hopefully get a good game on the go. If you could leave your steam name,i will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading :)
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    Who in the forum starts off managing Scottish teams?

    Just out of curiosity,the reason being is that you dont often see a lot of scottish team threads about much now,and im starting to think that im the only one playing in Scotlands leagues,what team in scotland do you manage(if you do of course) And how are you getting on so far. Cheers guys.