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    Hi everyone, I'm doing a Gateshead story with no signings, so I can only work with the players I've got. I have 3 good strikers (1 with pace, all 3 smallish and without good strength or headers, but rather better technique), all an average defence (with no good attacking fullbacks), and some...
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    Nottingham Forest

    Any other fans of Forest out there? Only been able to get to one game this year due to work and being at uni, but it's been a weird season for us. I was initially hopeful, I think McClaren is a very good coach despite what happened, but I did feel incomfortable at sacking Davies just to replace...
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    Another San Marino Story!

    So, I've done the San Marino challenge in both 2009 and 2011, but never managed to qualify for a major tournament. However, I've bought the game early on in its lifestyle this year, so should have the time to get further before FM 13 :) I only play the San Marino challenge in FM games...
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    Hey, so first off I read this: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2011-players/50197-complete-how-train-tutor-my-youngsters-thread.html for the basics of tutoring, but has anything changed from 11 to 12? Also how do I pick the perfect tutor for my young player? I normally just...
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    So I want to play a side game from my San Marino game, and I like challenges. I'm looking for the most financially troubled team, a team with no budget for players, unpaid wages (if that happens in FM?), massive debts, points reductions, transfer embargos, the lot. Plymouth and Portsmouth were...
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    New Rivals

    So I know this didn't happen in FM 09, but it might have been added in 10 or 11. When you're managing a lower league team and you advance up the leagues do you form new rivalries with teams you regularly play, or will I be stuck with my Serie C2/D rivals? Cheers.
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    Youth Academy vs Improving Youth Facilties

    So, which is more important to improve your crop of new players, building an academy or improving your youth facilities? And which is more cost effective? Cheers.
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    The San Marino Double: Mark 2

    The San Marino Triple: Mark 2 It's back! So for anyone who doesn't know, I had a story thread in FM 09 (found here) where the aim was to win the Champions League and World Cup with San Marino club and country. Well I'm starting again on FM 11 :D My strategy in this game is going to be to get...
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    Managing a lower international team

    Hi there, here's my problem: I want to manage a rubbish international team, but I can't figure out how to do so? There is a list of international teams I can manage when creating my manager profile, but how do I get access to more? In FM 09 you had to load all players from that country to do...
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    Eternal Sonata

    Did anyone play this? I've been trying to hunt it down for a while. It looks like an amazing JRPG which probably didn't get the credit it deserved.
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    Wing Backs

    Just wondering if anybody actually ever uses wing backs in their formation? I can honestly say I have never tried a formation with wing backs. I'm not asking for advice on how to use them, I have no plans to do so, but I would just like to see if it's just me or if lots of others people haven't...
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    Just a big well done to Algeria for getting through, from the sounds of it, it is a massive thing for the country; and after the horrific scenes of their match in Egypt where rocks were thrown at players and such I'm glad they got through :) Also one of my best friends is half Algerian and he's...
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    Players who defy logic

    Ok, so in FM 09 I had some players who defined logic, their stats were not good, my scouts and coaches didn't rate them, heck I didn't think they were good enough, but despite this they performed and excelled for my various teams. I'll post a few examples: Mateo Figoli: Truly average i'm...
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    Anybody else use this as frequently as me? I've found it to be about the best torrenting program out there. Just tonight I have managed to download 5 discographies with 3 of them being pretty hefty- Iron Maiden, In Flames and Evanescence. I think I saw speeds approaching 500kb/s which...
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    Final Fantasy

    Just wondering if anybody else is a fan of this series? And if so which is your favourite? Being only 18 I wasn't around at the beginning, but I have managed to play every FF apart from 5,6 and 9 (which i really want to play) 8 was my first, but 10 was the one I truly fell in love with...