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BJT - Reloaded ~ Old/New Skool Systems & Philosophies 2019-11-30

BJT - FM2020 Tactics Reloaded ~ Old/New Skool Systems & Philosophies

Since FM base went down unfortunately the tactics I loaded for this year were affected. Rather than re-post everything individually, I’ll re-upload some systems within the main page with a brief description, and post any updates where anything further is changed / added.

I’m aiming to create a number over the course of this year – but not the overpowered Gegenpressing. I hate that football =)

My tactics rather than designed to break the match engine instead looks to be produced on realism with zero exploits.

Given the idea of design, these should hopefully work well on all patch versions released in this game. My advice on all tactics is ensure you invest in players that suit the role and have the required attributes to bring the most out of the systems.

And don’t forget the important of PPMs which may support or hinder the system at hand.

Old Releases

Higher / Lower Teams – All Levels System

>Plays a high line and LOE, no counter-pressing

>Counter attacking at every opportunity

>Not possession based, play focused down the wings, pure attacking football

>Requires a hard working team with pace down the flanks

442 “Fergie” – Achieved the quadruple with Man Utd first season when tested, with a number of users finding this tactic very good at all levels since the game’s release. It also conceded just 6 goals in the league all season in France @ PSG.

It is based on a Fergie Man Utd high tempo style of game, utilising two out and out wingers, with a Rooney / Van Nistelrooy partnership up top.

The system is my go to one when trying to move up the leagues, and is also one that will work at the top levels of football.

High Possession Systems / Pep Tiki Taka – 66 passes goal

>Plays a very high line and LOE with counter-pressing

>No Counter Attack

>Probing football

>Requires a hard working team, extremely technical, creative gifted footballers

235 “Inverted Pyramid” – Peps Die Bayern used this system to break down teams that park the bus. I created it in the attempt to make a 1930s formation work, and it is capable of winning titles playing some excellent football.

Definitely a system where you’ll need the best players about to make it work, and all very technically gifted / creative.

Metodo 2323 “City Taka” - Pep’s City style of football lays within this system. I secured a 66 passes uninterrupted goal with this system, and it plays extremely fluidly when in possession of the ball.

Two Mezzala’s creating overloads and inverted wing-backs bringing solidity is how the system functions, and with the Mezzala’s on attack duty at times it plays much like a 235 inverted pyramid.

Metodo 2323 “Barca Tiki Taka” – The system Pep used to win trophy after trophy at his spell at Barca. Utilising two playmakers in midfield, a False 9 and the half-back in Busquets, you’ll get to see your team camp around the opponents 18 yard box probing for that opening.

Definitely more suited for use in La Liga given this is less intense than the other two tactics. But you’ll get to see some fine moves with this system just like the old Barca.

New Releases

4231 “RFM” - Rafa, Fergie, Mourinho

>Plays a high line and LOE, no counter-pressing

>Counter attacking at every opportunity

>Durable and balanced, capable of good possession or sturdiness at the back when out of possession

>Requires a hard working team with pace down the flanks

This can be modified between the two 4231/4411 formations as they play the same way. I’ve tweaked this from my initial 4411 that was based on Rafa’s Liverpool for roles, and Fergie’s high tempo game.

The change is to bring a greater cohesion from the front two players (now uses a Shadow Striker and Complete Forward), whilst bringing in the more pragmatic approach of Mourinho.

Being a Mourinho fan, I’ve converted this to a defaulted 4231 system. It’s more defensively sound and very good on the counter, but this system maintains balance on both flanks.

433 - "Klopp, Pep, Jose Inspired"

Download in Link Below-–-433-liverpool-101-points-all-cups-klopp-pep-jose-inspired.161738/

Inspired from these three managers. The system uses inside forwards and created to lessen the problem Klopp's current Liverpool have against sides that park the bus.

It got me all 4 trophies with 101 points in the Premiership with Liverpool.

343 - "Conte Inspired"

Available in "Post 14" of the discussion thread

Plays in the style of Antonio Conte at Chelsea but implement Fabregas and Kante as the midfield duo. Achieved a PL and ECL with Liverpool using this system.

Doesn't score a bucket load - but defensively sound, just how an Italian likes it.

4141 - "Big Sam's No Hopers"

Available in "Post 14" of the discussion thread

Features a Target Man Support in the Peter Crouch mould in this one striker system that looks to bring onrushing wingers and central midfielder to the attack.

Probably quite useful in the lower leagues, but still achieved a Bundesliga title with Borussia Dortmund using this tactic.

4312 "Oldskool Diamond, Jose & Ancelotti Hybrid"

A hybrid of the 2 Champions League winning diamond formations from Mourinho's Porto and Ancelotti's Milan. The balance of counter-attacking and patient football features in this system.

Download in Link Below-–-the-oldskool-4312-diamond-mourinho-ancelotti-hybrid.161815/

4321 "Ancelloti's Milan Xmas Tree"

Another classic wingerless formation. This aims to feature Ricardo Kaka in his prime in the Shadow Striker role. Similar to the diamond but with one less striker, this naturally has more possession but remains just as deadly on the counter.

Download in Link Below-–-ancelotti-xmas-tree-4321-ricardo-kaka-returns.161835/

3412 "A New & Exciting Van Gaal"

This is based on Van Gaal's 532 - but without any wing-backs. Going with wingers, this is a highly offensive system that offers great flexibility of football. High risk attacking football with the ability to counter and play through teams, you'll get to watch your team play some excellent football.

Download in Link Below-–-3412-a-new-exciting-van-gaal….121/

Opposition Instructions

Pep Tiki Taka Tactics

-AMR/AML/MR/ML / Show foot to the touchline

-LB/RB/WBL/WBR / Show foot to the middle of pitch

Aim to force opponents into high pressing trap, and to win the ball as soon as possible which should help to maximise possession.

It will also force inside forwards away from the dangerous areas to shoot at goal.

442, 4231, 433, 343, 4141, 4312, 4321, 3412

-AMR/AML/MR/ML / Show foot to the touchline

-LB/RB/WBL/WBR / Show foot to the touchline

With possession not the aim, the objective is to force the opponents into the less desirable areas of the pitch and lead to greater predictability of their attack.

It will also force inside forwards away from the dangerous areas to shoot at goal.