Leading Truro City to the Premier League

Truro City

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June/July 2029

The first signing of the Summer window is a big one, we spend a massive £15Million on Richard Booth

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Richard Booth - CM

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We smash our record transfer buy by £6Million

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The future is bright for England as the Under 20's Win the U20 World Cup

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Hyland gets that goal in the Final against Columbia

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Hanley our centre back who is on loan decided to join Norwich instead of us after they offered big wages

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Hanley had been on loan with us for 6 seasons across 3 different Leagues but when we can finally sign him he goes elsewhere

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Jose Gaya retires after it doesnt really work out for him at Truro

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17 players leave after their contracts are up including former stalwarts DaSilva, Watson and Vincent-Day

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Will Minshull joins on a free transfer and will be a straight swap for Hanley who has just left

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Will Minshull - DC

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George Jennings has signed a new contract with a much higher release clause after a few clubs looked to be thinking about activating his old clause

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Toby Shaw leaves for just 150k as we continue to clear shop

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Our next big signing is a striker for just short of equalling our record deal as we look to add quality not quantity this season

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Michael Poulsen - ST

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England set a new Highest ranking reaching 2nd place

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We sign a backup full back from Bayern Munich for a small fee

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Dietmar Husterer - WBR

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Truro City

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August 2029

These kind of things annoy me, we have had two seasons in the Premier League came 15th and then 6th yet the Predictions are still for us to get relegated with the Promoted teams just around us

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Brazilian Striker Allan joins for £6Million

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Striker Allan is already now worth £10Million after joining

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Three of the big transfers this Summer were English clubs spending over £90Million each on players brought in from the Spanish League

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First up Defender Jesus Luna joining Man City for £96Million from Sevilla

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Central Midfielder Antonio joins Man Utd from Barcelona for £91Million

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Panda joins Chelsea from Real Madrid for £94Million

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I love how the board feel we will be relegated but still expect us to make it out of the Europa League group stages!

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The Starting 11 and Tactic for the new season ahead

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Premier League
Arsenal 4 - 1 Truro

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Not the way i really wanted to start the new season with a 4 goal thumping, but we do always start poorly and play even worse away from home

New signings make their debuts just no impact

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Thandi moves to Leeds for 150k

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Season Tickets sold out again but their is a drop with part of the stand shut as we build the expansion

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Premier League
Truro 1 - 2 Crystal Palace

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A shocking game and result shown with the fact we had 17 chances but only 2 on target!

The England is chosen for the next few cups coming up and the Media dont like that Eric Dier is still being chosen

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We finally get an easy draw in one of the cups as we get League 2 Bury

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We get what is seen as a straightforward group with Besiktas our main challengers with Feyenoord and Guingamp the other two teams in it, i have no idea what sort of level we are in Europe yet but the board think we should be making the knockout stages

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No man of the month for us after just two games we sit in the relegation zone after back to back losses

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September 2029

The Premier League spend over £1Billion yet again

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Premier League
West Ham 1 - 1 Truro

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After Bree netted a first half goal i really thought we might get our season up and running with a win here but they equalized late into the game and that was that at least it gives us our first point of the season

World Cup Qualifiers
Belarus 1 - 6 England

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Ah it feels nice to be back with England as Thornton and Alli both net Hattricks

Winger Thornton only had one goal in his previous 8 games before today

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Dele Alli cant stop scoring at the moment despite his advancing years and hes closing in on both big England records, Alli has 63 goals and the record is Harry Kane's 72 whilst with the caps the record is Sterlings at 161 caps with Alli having 154 caps

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World Cup Qualifiers
England 4 - 1 Norway

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3-0 up with barely quarter of an hour gone with Thornton and Alli scoring again whilst Crowther keeps up his goalscoring record

Premier League
Truro 3 - 3 West Brom

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A good performance again just not with a good result as we come from behind 3 times to gain 1 point

Poulsen gets his first goals for the club ending a 16 hour goal drought

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Europa League Group Stage
Feyenoord 0 - 1 Truro

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Despite our poor league form we get our European schedule off to a good start with Marcin coming off the bench to net a late winner

Premier League
Chelsea 3 - 2 Truro

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Markaj my England Striker nets a Hattrick including 2 goals in the opening 3 minutes

Poor start to the season continues, we have yet to face any of the lower teams though and have come close and been unlucky in some of the games a tweak in the tactics and i think we can get back to winning ways

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Carabao Cup 3rd rnd
Bury 2 - 3 Truro

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Mainly played a second string here and it showed but Hoskins netted a late winner showing maybe i could do with him in the first team

We will face Championship Millwall in the next round

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5 games in and its still not looking good in the league with no wins from the opening 5 games

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Not the best start to the league campaign but I'm confident you will pick things up!
Currently on page 13 of the entire thread. Loving it so far as I also do a LLM save every time the latest FM comes out but being from Telford, I use AFC Telford which are a mid-high level VNN team (Or should be, the last few seasons have been a bit of a joke, especially with a Wolves Affiliation). Anyway, I've not quite caught up to where you are now but hope it's still going. If you haven't already, Champions League winners is the final goal!

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October 2029 - Part 1

We get a 150k after Fearnley plays 50 games for his new club

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Youth and Training Facilities have been upgraded

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None of the facilities are still at a very good level despite the amount of times we have upgraded them in recent times, i was hoping to go again and move to upgrade them straight away but the board despite the money being their had no interest in doing so

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A bit of an English injury crisis with the likes of Laycock and English set to miss the next couple of games whilst Alexander-Arnold is suspended

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Premier League
Truro 2 - 0 Newcastle

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Truro Win a game! A fine win against a team like Newcastle who are struggling near the bottom like us, ***** was on fire lol

Europa League Groups
Truro 2 - 0 Beskitas

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Poulsen nets a brace in fine performance probably one of the biggest wins in the clubs History as we net a couple of early goals whilst restricting them to just 1 shot on target

The England Squad is announced and their are several changes thanks to all the injuries

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It shows how good my England team are that you can have a £53Million player nowhere near the squad up until now

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Premier League
Stoke 0 - 2 Truro

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Back to back wins in the Premier League as we finally get our domestic season going including Hoskins netting a very early opener

Amazing story, read this through from start to finish over the last few days at work, and what a journey?! It's inspired me to start a game with one of my local lower league sides (either Nuneaton or Leamington).

Good luck going forward, keeping a close eye on it all!
Faced the same problem throughtout the save and the same with trying to sign plays on pre contracts, im not sure what to do to be honest, i have just had to grin and bear it, we are in the Premier League coming into the third season and our reputation is still lower than some Championship sides, thanks for reading though,

Well... i am in the year 2023 now and for the second year in the championship with Blyth Spartans and for the first time my youth teams are invited for a competition. Last year i upgraded my youth facilities and a staff for my -18 team.
Well... i am in the year 2023 now and for the second year in the championship with Blyth Spartans and for the first time my youth teams are invited for a competition. Last year i upgraded my youth facilities and a staff for my -18 team.
Yeah my board seem to really hate upgrading anything. hopefully with the latest one i may get invited next season
Truro City/England

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October 2029 - Part 2

A couple of more players add to our injury woes with England

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World Cup Qualifiers
England 12 - 0 Azerbejian

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We match our result from the first time we played them smashing 12 goals in with Alli getting a Hattrick but Crowther and Green got 4 a piece!

Crowther continues his crazy form for country with 22 goals in 11 games

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World Cup Qualifiers
Ukraine 0 - 1 England

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A much tighter game against the Ukraine away from home with Sancho netting the only goal of the game from our only shot on target

We qualify for the 2030 World Cup with games to spare it will be held in Italy with France the current holders

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A goal difference of 36 goals after just 6 games

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Premier League
Truro 0 - 2 Bournemouth

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So its back to earth with a bump after the Heroics with England we get easily beaten by Bournemouth here

Allan is yet to score for us 10 games in although they have mainly been from the bench

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Europa League
Truro 1 - 0 Guingamp

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Another fine performance in Europe! They didnt even have a shot on target in this match whilst we are 5 points clear top of the group after 3 wins from 3 in Europe!

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Premier League
Man City 4 - 1 Truro

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And its back to the Premier League and back to getting Hammered! Although i dont ever expect much from the matches against the big 4

Carabao Cup 4th rnd
Millwall 1 - 4 Truro

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Our second string took their chances in this cup match with just 5 shots, all of them on target and 4 of them being converted into goals

Marcin out for 7 weeks

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Poulsen has continued his fine goalscoring form despite our indifferent results

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17th place just 1 point above the relegation zone but i would like to think we have some more favourable fixtures coming up with a few matches against teams around us

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Truro City/England

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November 2029

We get a tough draw against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup Quarter Finals

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Premier League
Truro 1 - 0 Middlesbrough

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Allan comes off the bench to net a very late winner in the only goal of the game and finally the first of his Truro career

Injury crisis continues for England

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Europa League
Guingamp 0 - 1 Truro

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Allan comes off the bench again to net the only goal of the game hes liking playing as more of a poacher when he comes on

We qualify from the group with 2 games to spare!

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Into the Knockout rounds

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I think that the one thing our Europa League run shows is how much difference the Premier League money makes we have won 4 straight matches against decent teams from other leagues but ares struggling near the bottom of the league at the same time

England Squad Announced

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Premier League
Tottenham 3 - 1 Truro

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Hey Laycock im going to have to drop you from the England squad if you keep scoring so many goals against my Truro side!

The other goal was from Andre Silva one of the few players in the Tottenham side thats not a regen now, i had a look at his stats and at 34 hes had an incredible International career! 107 goals in 140 caps!

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World Cup Qualifiers
England 5 - 0 Belarus

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Just because we are already Qualified does not mean we were going to hold up here as we smash 5 past Belarus to keep our momentum up

World Cup Qualifiers
Norway 0 - 2 England

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Thornton and Crowther continue our perfect momentum with 8 wins from 8

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8 wins from 8 we concede just 3 goals whilst our goals scored work out at nearly 6 goals a game averaged out

Premier league
Truro 3 - 1 Swansea

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A very good win and it was yet again thanks to Allan coming off the bench and playing the part of super sub netting a quick brace

Europa League
Truro 5 - 0 Feyernoord

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What a demolition in the Europa League with Allan starting this match and netting a goal but it was Wright who finally kicked himself into life with a fine brace

Got to give the Player of the Month to Allan, he must have finally settled in England now and has mainly started on the bench with 1 start and 15 sub appearances but recent good form has seen him score 5 goals and 4 assists

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After a very good month overall we soar up the table to 13th place moving 6 points clear of the relegation zone, hopefully by Christmas we will be securely in the mid table and can focus on the Europa League knockout rounds

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Truro City

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December 2029

Premier League
Liverpool 3 - 0 Truro

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Facing the likes of Liverpool is tough on a good day but we decided to make it even harder! We had an incredible 3 players sent of including a first for me when one player got sent off for complaining about another getting sent off just 36 minutes in!

Jennings 10 game goalless drought

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After a slightly better run of form overall the board were much happier to improve the training and youth facilities

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England get an amazing World Cup draw with Sweden the biggest team we have to face whilst Cameroon and Peru are not considered big threats

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Premier League
Truro 2 - 4 Everton

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Another defeat in the league, we always seem to struggle against the big 6 and we were missing our 3 players that got sent off against Liverpool

At least Jennings ended his goal drought

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We get a good draw in the FA Cup 3rd rnd as we face League 2 Stevenage

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We have not faced them for 5 years but we do have a better record overall against them going back all the way to when we were in League 2 with them

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Europa League
Besiktas 0 - 3 Truro

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Jennings nets a brace as we get back to winning ways and end the Europa League group stages with a perfect 6 wins from 6!

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***** and Allan will be missing the next European game though with a ban

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Premier League
Norwich 2 - 3 Truro

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Jennings cant stop scoring now after his recent goal drought as we finally get our league form back on track

We get a pretty decent draw in the Europa League as we will face French side Nice

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Carabao Cup Quarter Final
Truro 2 - 2 Chelsea
Chelsea Win on Penalties

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We did well to get it to penalties with Poulsen netting a very late equalizer but that was as good as it got with them comfortably beating us on penalties

Premier League
Truro 2 - 0 Bristol City

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Allan nets a quick late double to seal a huge victory in the Premier League, i would like to think this victory also highlights one of my original challenged complete.
We can now consider ourselves the best team in the South West the likes of Plymouth Argyle, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Yeovil, Exeter and Torquay all started the story above us in the football pyramid

Premier League
Man Utd 4- 1 Truro

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We cant beat these big teams on a good day but we dont need to keep helping them this time scoring an own goal after they had already bashed a few in themselves

Maher, Allan and Booth all pick up niggling injuries

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Premier League
Truro 3 - 1 Wolves

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Thats a much better way to end the year an easy win with Jennings netting another brace, he cant stop scoring now

Left back Maher makes the African Team of the Year

View attachment 46686

After the recent drought Jennings now has 12 goals for the season

View attachment 46685

We are up in 14th well clear of the relegation zone and the way we are starting to play now i feel like we can start to look above us in the table rather than below

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Finally caught up with the thread; things are going really well for you especially to be in Europa within the first 2 seasons of being in the Premier League. Achieved far greater than I have with my current Telford save as I'm still battling with relegation in my second season in the Premier League.
On your clubs facilities; to bring in greater youth prospects I was increasing "Junior Coaching Budget" (Finance) and "Improve Youth Recruitment" (Networking). Then hired a Professional / Semi-Professional / Resolute Head of Youth Development to ensure players coming into the youth were closely matched to his personality. Worked quite well for me throughout the game as I tend to give 1 youth prospect first team football on rotation to increase development.

Keep up the good work, loving the thread so far!

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January 2030 Part 1

Im starting to get into strange territory here, this is probably the longest save wise and real life wise i have ever played a save and im still enjoying it

Striker Crowther and GK Heatley make it into the England Starting 11 Best Ever

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Dele Alli has the most caps and goals since i started the save nearly 12 and half years ago and is rapidly closing in on both records

View attachment 46470

Now im going to add in a little foresight but the signing of Brazilian Wonderkid Cleyton for just under £14Million was a game changer! Big Time!

View attachment 46469

Him and Allan up front and i feel like we can really push on now in the league with our Brazilian contingent growing

View attachment 46468

Premier League
Truro 3 - 0 Arsenal

View attachment 46467

Poulsen netted a brace whilst Cleyton had a fine start to his Truro career with a goal on his debut in an incredible way to start the year

Only a short update for now as the screenshots are going weird

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That goal return for Dele Alli in the England is unreal for a centre mid! A goal every 2 games!
So some of the screenshots wouldnt work and then they go and show up at the bottom of the page anyway brilliant
Truro City

View attachment 46285January 2030 - Part 2

Premier League
Crystal Palace 2 - 4 Truro

View attachment 46284

Well im not sure if this screenshot is going to work or not but we won it comfortably in the end with my front three of Poulsen, Jennings and Cleyton all getting goals

FA Cup 3rd rnd
Truro 3 - 0 Stevenage

View attachment 46283

I based this game on who had played the least with Marcin taking his chances netting twice whilst Cleyton scored again after setting up both other goals too

Obi joins Sunderland for 300k

View attachment 46282

We will face Everton in then next round of the FA Cup

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Premier League
Truro 3 - 0 Leicester

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We cannot stop winning now! Their has been a slight tweak in tactics but Cleyton coming into the side has been a game changer his pace and attacking intent upfront is incredible, we have someone truly amazing on our hands

Premier League
Truro 2 - 1 West Ham

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We turn the game on its head early on in the second half after they took the lead with Poulsen and Cleyton both netting just before the hour mark

I havent had a 5 game winning streak in years certainly not since we joined the Premier League 3 seasons ago

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I bring in yet another new keeper, Pears didnt work out, Fitchett is always injured and Leonard has not performed much better lets hope Porter can make the difference

View attachment 46277

Alex Porter - GK

View attachment 46276

Premier League
Truro 7 - 7 Chelsea

View attachment 46275

Not the match you want your new GK to be a part of a 14 goal thriller! Poulsen and Cleyton both net Hattricks but it wasnt enough to win the match!

Premier League
West Brom 1 - 1 Truro

View attachment 46274

We end the month with another draw as they net a very late equalizer, worse of all Cleyton didnt score, he could only manage an assist for the first time since joining us at the beginning of the month

New GK and Striker see us as the big spenders this month in the league overall a very quiet month for the English transfers wise

View attachment 46273

Have to have Cleyton as Player of the Month!!! 8 Goals, 5 Assists in just 7 matches for us so far!!!!!!!!!!!!

View attachment 46272

After that month we go flying up the table to 9th place, and are just 3 points off 5th placed Chelsea, if Cleyton stays fit who knows what is possible for the rest of the season

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Truro City

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February 2030

Poulsen Won Premier League Player of the Month with Cleyton just behind

View attachment 46259

Cleyton did win Young Player of the Month

View attachment 46258

FA Cup 4th rnd
Everton 1 - 2 Truro

View attachment 46257

Poulsen nets twice in this man of the match performance whilst Cleyton had a poor game but still got an assist as we advance to the next round

We face Bolton in the next round

View attachment 46256

We have a better overall record against Bolton but lost to them the last time we faced them 3 years ago,

View attachment 46255

Premier League
Newcastle 1 - 2 Truro

View attachment 46254

All the goals came late and it was our previous Brazillian star Allan that got the winner, he had that good run of goals before Christmas but has fallen further down the pecking order since Cleyton came in

Not what you want to hear on World Cup year, Crowther the striker i keep raving about with the crazy goalscoring record went 15 hours without scoring for his club Man City

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Premier League
Truro 4 - 2 Stoke

View attachment 46252

Cleyton nets a brace in a fine performance where all 6 goals were scored before half time

Premier League
Bournemouth 2 - 5 Truro

View attachment 46251

We cant stop scoring but we do concede a fair few goals too, Poulsen smashed in a Hattrick with Allan and Cleyton netting either side

Europa League 1st Knockout rnd 1st Leg
Nice 1 - 3 Truro

View attachment 46250

It was all looking even gearing up to the end of the game before Marcin came off the bench to net two goals in less than 2 minutes and seal a comfortable away victory

FA Cup 5th rnd
Truro 5 - 0 Bolton

View attachment 46249

Keeper Porter is cup tied so couldnt play but it made little difference with this romp including centre back Adam Kenny netting a brace and setting up another

We will face 2nd placed Bournemouth in the next round of the FA Cup

View attachment 46248

Europa League 1st Knockout rnd 2nd leg
Truro 2 - 1 Nice

View attachment 46247

Allan netted a goal in another confident performance with Cleyton putting in a man of the match performance setting up both goals

Poulsen is out for 3 weeks with Concussion

View attachment 46246

Which could be key to our season as he picks up back to back Premier League Player of the Month Awards

View attachment 46245

I Win Manager of the Month after a Perfect 3 from 3

View attachment 46243

6th place! Not far from the last Champions League Spot as we continue to fly up the table the bigger surprise has to be Bournemouth maintaining their own incredible run to 2nd place

View attachment 46237
7-7 and Bournemouth second in the table, it's all too crazy! Things are looking good hopefully a trophy or a top 4 finish is happening this season