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    Craig Bellamy banned by Manchester City

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/aug/15/craig-bellamy-manchester-city Craig Bellamy has been banned from Manchester City and black-listed as one of their players in a show of authority from the club's manager, Roberto Mancini. Bellamy has been told he will not be welcome at City's...
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    Manchester United have become stronger since Cristiano Ronaldo left

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/mar/21/wayne-rooney-cristiano-ronaldo-manchester-united What do you think?:P I know it sounds a bit stupid but the only way statistically we are worse than last season with him is goals conceded, which is hardly down to ronaldo leaving.:$ We've already...
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    Eduardo's two game ban removed

    http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2009/09/14/sports/sports-uk-soccer-uefa-eduardo.html i think the right decision was made. a two match ban was way too much and it was harsh in the first place to make an example of one player...
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    Chelsea banned from signing players for next two months

    meant to write transfer windows instaed of months. my bad. Sorry never mind. could someone please close this thread
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    Tragedy strikes west ham again

    After Callum Davenport was hospitalised as the result of a vicious knife attack it seems tradgedy has struck West Ham again with promising young welsh midfielder Jack Collison's father sadly dieing in a car accident on the way to watch his son play. i'm not sure if it deserves it's own place...
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    Your views on Arsenal?

    With Manchester city flexing their new arab financial muscles this summer and Arsene Wenger sticking with his policy of bringing through youth players, some people feel that this is the season that Arsenal will fall from the top four to be replaced by City or one of the other top premier league...
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    What happened to this part of the forum?

    their are no longer any threads in this part of the forum on my computer. is it just my computer? have they been erased? Never mind. i was being an idiot.
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    What are the factors affecting the quality of regens produced by a country?

    I was thinking of trying to make a rubbish international team into a good one so i was wondering what i could do to try and improve the quality of their regens? I always thought it was something to do with the international ranking but then someone told it was to do with the reputation of the...
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    Michael Jackson dead

    la times reporting michael jackson is dead after suffering cardiac arrest at the age of 50. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31552029/ns/entertainment-music/ not fm but i thought i'd start a thread. why not? it is major news to stress it is just unconfirmed reports. he definetly is in hospital...
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    Galactico's. Failure or success?

    So with Perez in charge, a world transfer record broken and almost every half decent player linked with Real Madrid it looks like a new Galactico era has begun. so as in the short term the last one was a success but some people now view it as a failure as they eventually ended up not winning...
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    Best manager ever?

    matt busby's birthday today so might as well start a thread about the best manager ever. if i know how to make a poll i will but basically it is either ferguson, shankly, paisley, busby, ramsey or clough. there might be others i've overlooked.
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    Going on holiday

    these are my computer specs. how long do you think it would take me to holiday a whole season with 7 nations and 16 leagues.
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    Importance of manager stats and CA

    just started a jorneyman career and was wondering if i increase my stats on personal page and increase my current ability through experience will things be easier. help and info would be appreciated
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    starting from nothing

    to be honest i'm not very good at football manager but i've got bored of my recent game. i'm thinking of starting a game where i have no experience or job. was just wondering how hard is that and has anyone had any success. sorry if someone else has started a thread like this.
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    problem with football manager

    I tried to load a saved game on fm and a pop up box told me it couldn't be loaded and fm closed down. i tried restarting the computer and uninstalling and installing fm 2009. now when i try to open the game it says it's already running and it couldn't use the database location