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    Unemployment to Champions League Winner

    Unemployed to Champions League Winner Profile Matt Bullard This is my profile and I will be the protagonist for this journey. I have a pretty average profile, I have chosen to take the role of an ex-professional football, but only with a national reputation. I have no particular plan for...
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    A Charlton Athletic F.C Story

    Charlton Athletic F.C. As a young boy growing up in London and supporting Newcastle, I wasn't often able to go and watch my favourite team play, that was unless they were away against my local team Charlton. As a passionate football fan from a very young age, I would often go to regular...
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    Chapecoense Tribute - Rewriting History

    Associação Chapecoense de Futebol Associação Chapecoense de Futebol or Chapecoense as it is more commonly known, is a Brazilian association football club based in the city of Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina. The club's home matches are played at Estádio Regional Índio Condá, or Arena...
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    A tribute to Chapecoense

    Evening all, I just wanted to know whether there would be any interest in a career based on Chapecoense in tribute of the recent tragedy. I would be looking to make them the biggest club in Brazil and South America but I wouldn't want to start a story which will cause any offence or not gain...
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    Bullardinho AKA 'The Bully'

    After all most 10 months away (albeit the odd short save here and there) I have decided to throw myself straight back into FM and what better way to do so then with a story. After hours of deliberating I come to the conclusion I have no idea who to begin my first save with this year. With...
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    Can West Brom do a Leicester?

    Intro After a long time away, I have decided to give FM story writing another bash! I have been playing a Newcastle save for the past six months and after 8 seasons, 7 BPL titles and endless domestic trophies (yes that right, no Champions League trophy, although I did get to 3 finals), I have...
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    Making Heroes Out Of Villains

    After a rocky 18 month period of poor results and lacklustre team performances, Aston Villa’s discontent for the hierarchy has finally reached boiling point. In a last ditch attempt to rescue the club from their sharp decline, Club Owner Randy Lerner has decided to throw one last roll of the...
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    Gateshead FC - Taking Over Tyneside

    My aim for this story is simple.. make Gateshead Football Club the biggest team on Tyneside, so basically bigger than Newcastle Untied. Whilst I was born and bred in a London suburb, I am actually a Newcastle Fan. People often ask me ‘Newcastle??’.. to which I always respond, ‘my family are...
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    Eran Zahavi

    Anyone had any success with this guy? his goal scoring for the past couple of seasons has been pretty impressive, just wondered if anyone has managed to get the same results with him in the best European leagues?
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    Alan Shearer - Second Roll Of The Dice

    Shearer Takes Charge At Villa Park Toon legend and Premier League all-time top scorer Alan Shearer has decided to give management another try as he takes charge at Aston Villa following the sacking of Tim Sherwood. Shearer previously had a short stint in-charge of his boy-hood club...
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    Minimum Release Fee Clause 'Bargains'

    I always like to have a look to see which players have Min Rel Fee Clauses that represent a good deal i.e the clause amount is lower then their valuation or the clause value represents good deal for the players potential. I have listed some of the best deals below: Name - Clause Value (Player...
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    'Speak to player' feature, is it pointless?

    This is just a general question I wanted to put out there, once an opposing club accept my offer for to buy one of there players, I sometimes receive the message from the players agent 'My client has not interest in joining your club' , this is then followed by the option to speak to the player...
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    Can't register players..

    Fellow FM'ers, I have recently decided to start up a save with Barcelona just to pass the time until the official release of FM16, I was actually quite enjoying the 'challenge' until the following problem arose.. I am aware that Barcelona have a transfer ban that begins on the first January...
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    Karl Pilkington - An Idiot Abroad 4

    Karl Pilkington Karl Pilkington was born and raised in Manchester, before later moving to London to pursue his career as a Radio Producer where he began working at XFM. He stayed under the radar for a few years before eventually running the desk for The Ricky Gervais Show on a Saturday...
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    Matt Bullard's Managerial Career

    Bullard Unveiled As New Gills Boss Gillingham Football Club are set to give young, unproven manager Matt Bullard his first opportunity in professional football. Many Gills fans are sceptical of their clubs new appointment, with most worried that his limited experience will not be enough to...