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    WBL/R for Man City

    I need a long term replacement at WBL and WBR, $8 million to spend on transfer. THey player will be replacing either Zabalata or Kolarov and I am looking for a similar player to each.
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    Nicolaj Thomsen

    Bought him from Aalborg BK with Man City for $1.3. I currently have him starting as a MC AP-Su and he is doing an excellent job, completing roughly 83% of his passes overall and tallying 3 assists in his first 3 games with me. At 22, he has room to grow and has solid stats to start full time...
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    Thoughts on tactic?

    I decided that I would start one more season before the new version comes out and I'd have some fun being Barcelona. I am in season 3 and I have added Eden Hazard to the attack. What do you think my best option is for playing the 3 together. Currently, I have Suarez as a lone striking (t)...
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    Transferring Ronaldo?

    Going to be finishing up my first season with Real Madrid. Using ZeroSea's tactics, primarily the 4411 with Ronaldo as the Wide Mid on the left, where he has dominated. In 44 appearances, he has 36 goals, 22 assists and a 8.03 rating. That said, he's 30 and taking up a large part of my wages...
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    DC for Chelsea

    Any recommendations on a good DC(L) to play alongside Zouma. Terry's been great this season with 8 goals for me midway through December, but I need a long term player, someone who can push to start next season. I set a much deeper defensive line, so I speed isn't terribly important for me. I...
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    Replacement for Pirlo

    Who would you suggest I use to replace Pirlo? Currently I have Lars Bender and Vidal as BtB in front of him as a Regista with Pogba on the bench. Should I just train Pogba in the role or do you think Vidal or Bender would be better suited? I rarely use a Regista when I play, so any thoughts...
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    I'm being a little too lazy to search for a thread on him this morning because I have to wait between searches. Anyway, has anyone managed to sign Ewandro? If so, how has he been. I am in the 1st season with Aresnal and would love to buy him, but I cannot get his team to agree to a transfer...
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    Cheap CB-Stopper for Southampton

    I have around $4 million to spend.
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    OK, plenty of you will think I am crazy for even asking the question, but hear me out. I'm Real Madrid, first season. I am sitting at 15-0-0. Ronaldo has 11 goals and 6 assists. Great numbers. He's 28 years old and making $875k a week. At what point would you consider selling him? I'm...
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    Who is the best HB?

    I currently have Busquets and Yacob alternating in the role, but am looking at taking advantage of interest in both. Thoughts?
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    Thinking of retooling my 4222 and dropping my snd Striker into the AMC role with Benteke as the TM. I have $40-50 million to spend. Who would you choose. On the wings I have Peresic as an IF and and Candreva as a W on the right.
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    Best Anchor

    Who do you guys think is the best anchorman in the game. I'm looking for straight defense here, if there is anything offensive, I will see it as a bonus. Right now I am using Javi Garcia in the role. While he is doing just fine, I would like to upgrade. Doesn't matter to me if it costs 40...
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    Uploading my tactic?

    I uploaded my tactic over a week or so ago, but it is still not published. I also sent a follow up email to the site admin's asking about it and have not received any feedback. What do I need to do in order to publish my tactic? I see that someone was able to publish the same one 2 separate...
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    Dastardly's 4-2-2-2

    This version of a 4-2-2-2 is attacking focused, but defensively it is solid as well. I'm scoring goals at a great clip while also playing good defense. Let's get straight to it. Strikers I am using a Poacher and a False 9 currently, but don't be afraid to experiment. Rooney and Wellbeck...
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    I'm looking for a long term replacement for Yaya, playing as a BBM with the support role. I'm looking for someone who can spell him next season and maybe take over the role for good in about 2 years, so youth is fine, as long as they are not 16. I'd prefer not to spend more than $10 million...