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    Sid's Kit Tailors - Ver. 2

    Sid's Kit Tailors Hey guys, just thought to get back into kit-making I would force myself making kits by opening a kit request thread :D Please follow the template below while requesting: Team Name: Kit Manufacturer: Main Sponsor: Secondary Sponsor (opt.): Kit Tempalte (Fb,SS,Z'12,Project...
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    Chelsea agree deal to sign Romelu Lukaku

    Chelsea have agreed a deal to sign the teenage Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku. The 18-year-old will join the Premier League side, subject to passing a medical and agreeing personal terms. Anderlecht announced the sale of Lukaku on their website, but did not reveal the fee. Chelsea reportedly...
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    Sid's Logo WIP

    So after scrambling around with Photoshop trying to find a logo that would dominate the FM scene I found these two designs: What do you think? Got potential? Where can I improve? Want any examples? Please comment below :) ---------- Post added at 12:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Napoli or Man United? - Dilemma!

    Got a problem. After deciding my transfer targets and youth prospects and my season targets for season 3, I pressed continue. But:- Sir Alex Ferguson had retired. So that meant the Man U job was free and they approached me! They have a much bigger transfer budget, and their players are great...
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    Graphics Installation problem!

    Hey Base, I got a problem :@ The thing is, when I download a logo/kit pack, the official kits and logos that come with the game don't change to the one I downloaded! I have check the config files and they are there but still it don't work for some reason <) Here's an example: You can see...
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    Back-up/Young Goalie for Napoli

    Season - 2011/12 Position - Goalkeeper Club - Napoli (In the Champions League) Other Reasons - He HAS to be a EU player. I have already bought a Brazilian player and the Euro rules mean I can't buy any more till next season :@ His going to be back-up, but I think I might sell my old goalie next...
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    The 'Unknown Superstar' Challange

    "This kid... his different. His not the best striker, midfielder or defender. Many other players are better than him technically. But his one of the most hard-working, determined and most importantly, ambitious youngster I have ever seen. He doesn't just want to be a player, he wants to be the...
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    Napoli - Tactic Help Needed!

    Wassup people? So I'm halfway through my first season with Napoli. Playing above expectations, I find myself sitting second, behind Inter. Juventus, Roma and Milan are hot off my tails however, and I want to rack up more wins. However, I started noticing the statistics that came up with the...
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    Good Right Back - Atlethico Madrid

    Need a good right back for Atlethico Madrid, since they lack quality/depth there. I have £4,000,000 transfer budget remaining. Also, if there are any good back-up/young left or right backs on less than £1,000,000 feel free to suggest them too. Thanks in advance!
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    Gurkha fought off 30 Taliban

    Gurkha who fought off 30 Taliban by himself awarded honour A Gurkha who fired 400 bullets and 17 grenades while single-handedly fighting off 30 Taliban militants is to receive the second highest military honour for bravery. Acting Sgt Dipprasad Pun, 31, was on sentry duty alone at night when...
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    Sid's Kit Tailors

    Sid's Kit Tailors Status: CLOSED - DOING REQUESTS Hey guys, well this is my first kit request. I do SS, LS, 2DFM and FB kit templates. Here are just some of my work: Please follow the kit template below: Club/Country: Kit Supplier: Kit Sponser: Home Kit: Away Kit: Third Kit...
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    Martin Galvan - 18yr old AMC

    Hey guys, so I used the 'normal' search bar and nothing came up with this guy so I thought I would post it here. My scout just about found him and he looks like his going to be a star at the future. Sorry if there is another thread on this or his quite well known, this is only my first FM :$...
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    The Beast: A 11.3 4-2-2-2-1 Tactic

    Hey guys, this is my first tactic posted at this site. I first started using it at my story and, surprisingly, got some amazing results. Now, I am not going to say I am a tactic mastermind (that has to go to iNickStuff) or this is a ultimate goal scoring tactic, but I seem to get results with...
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    What do you think of Plan B?

    Well just saw a Tinie Tempah thread and thought I would do one of my favourite artist - Plan B. So what do you think of this guy? I personally love his music, his old rap album and his new soul one. Can't wait for his next album. Here's my two favourite songs from him: YouTube - Plan B -...
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    Newcaslte - HELP!

    Well, I have just started a Newcastle game, and if you are managing Newcastle at 11.3 then you will know that most of your defence is injured for a long time. Well, I just had my first friendly against Ajax and was in shock of how much my players easily got tired. So I have a few questions that...