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    The ultimate Tactic for FM2016

    Delete it and never play it again. You will be happy again. 2016 's version has been the worst version yet. The creators of this game are like the Zak Snyder of the gaming world.
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    Fm14 or Fm15???

    In recent days I have been playing FM14 and tinkering with various tactics in preperation of FM15. This s going to be short and sweet. Is FM15 any good and worth buying? I have played championship manager/football manager since 1993 and after last years initial 14 version launch I was...
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    Getting a striker to score more goals

    Hello all, I know that FM15 is nearly upon us but until November 7th I am going to start a new game to get me through. The problem I have had over the past 2 or 3 FM's is that I create a good team with good tactics and have won a few trophies (I am not one of these people that claims to have...
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    Central Winger. The death of the wide man

    Football goes in cycles. Formations and tactics also go in cycles. A few years ago Arsenal were unbeaten champions and had everybody wondering how the could be stopped. Chelsea then took over under Jose Mourinho and had everyone watching on in awe as they swept aside team after team with...
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    Have I missed something??

    Last week in my Nottingham Forest save my team was flying. I am in my fourth season with them and was sitting 4th in the premier league after the first 15 games. I was scoring goals for fun and my defence was tighter meaner than Vinnie Jones armed with a grenade and pitbull terrier!! Fast...
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    Roy Keane's Manchester United

    As a huge United fan I used to worship Roy Keane when he played for us. He was one of the best midfielders in the world at the time. His passion, desire and winning mentality meant he was the obvious choice for captain. Although not regarded by a large number of United fans as the best...
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    Defensive stability/Goal machines

    I am playing as Nottingham Forest and had a very good first season. I finished top of the Championship and only lost 1 league game all season. I use a 4-4-1-1 formation and achieve nearly 60% possession every game. Now I know that most people on here are obsessed with having high possession...
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    Board Request-New goalposts!!

    I think I need to make a board request for some new goalposts due to the number of times they have been hit so far this season. I just played a match and for the 5th game in a row I hit the woodwork an incredible 6 times!! Throughout the season it has been much the same. My strikers couldn't...
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    Team Comparison Screen?

    It is probably really obvious but the ****** **** is the team comparison screen on the new FM2014? I want to see how my team compares to others in terms of our passing, speed, stamina etc. Many thanks for your help
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    Steam servers too busy to handle my request???

    This may have already been posted I am not sure so I apologise if it has. For the first time I have purchased FM through the internet without actually going into a hop and buying the disc. I purchased it through Steam. It said that when it was downloaded I could play the Beta version. The...
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    Marcelo Bielsa's 3-3-1-3 Chile

    I have long been a fan of Marcelo Bielsa and his tactics. He is a tactical obsessive, an innovator and a character, and he has done a remarkable at Bilbao but it is his Chile tactic that I find the most interesting. I have obsessed over re creating his 3-3-1-3 fromation. When manager of...
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    Sir Alex Ferguson Tactics

    Following the shocking announcement that Sir Alex is to vacate his thrown as the king of Old Trafford I started thinking about the great times I have had personally watching Manchester United. Ferguson over the years has continually developed his squad and in my eyes has developed 4 what I would...
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    Defensive Forward tactics

    I have been trying to implement a tactic using a Defensive Forward. I like the idea of using a hard working striker to close down the oppostion and create havoc in the oppositions backline. A bit likehow Danny Welbeck has been used at times this season. I have not seen any tactic as far as I...
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    2-4-1-2-1 (a modern 4-3-3)

    Judge Ipswich Town by looking at their squad and you might be rather underwhelmed, but following a fine start to the season and a string of impressive displays new manager James Poxon sees his team sitting top of the Championship. Ipswich chairman Marcus Evans shocked football by appoitning a...
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    Players ignoring instructions, Free kick advice and how to tell if you'll lose

    Ok I need help becuase this latest version of Football Manager is really starting to get on my nerves. Players seem to constantly ignore instructions. I set them to long shots rarely and they still play thinking they are all Christiano Ronaldo and shoot from miles out. I tell them to get...