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    Haaland always offside?

    Yeah that makes a bit of sense I’m starting to think tactics with 2 up top have a crazy effect on the ME.
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    Haaland always offside?

    Any chance I can see your full setup please? My Haaland attributes are an entire level above yours and I play him as Press Fwd A and he doesn’t get anywhere near that amount of goals. I’ve got a fantastic squad around him too. It’s truly infuriating. I’ve found he also tops the offside charts so...
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    English Transfer Window Opens 9th June

    Sorry if this is a well-known bug or fact or whatever, I haven't been on for here for a while. Just got into my second season with Palace and I'm waiting to get my budget etc and suddenly the window opens on the 9th June. I'm thinking oh it's just a news mistake but then players (players that I...
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    The Famous Cryuff Penalty

    YouTube - Cruyff Penalty Was looking up a bit of history and came across the Pires-Henry botch penalty, I went to find what they were actually trying to do and found the above. Is it actually valid? Personally I don't see why not but if it is I wonder why people don't do it more often.
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    There's some about cards...

    That just isn't right. I can't put my finger on it, but it seems that its way to easy for my players to get a red card. Anyone else noticed this? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong or overreacting.
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    Dzeko Dilema

    Going into my third season with Wolfsburg, we've qualified for the Champions League, we won the Europa League last season (we were in the CL but came 3rd at group stages) so we've done pretty well. However, Dzeko every year has moaned that he wants to go to a bigger club, and every year I manage...
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    Bendtner could quit Gunners

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0%2C%2C11095_6503634%2C00%2Ben-USS_01DBC.html He says the same **** every year. I feel his pain, he feels like he's in the best condition of his career (lol), and to be fair he's improved a lot in terms of finishing (from what I've seen since he came back) but he...
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    Has anybody actually got their copy of FM'11 from Zavvi yet? rant They have the cheek to take the money out of my account they day before the release yet they haven't even dispatched the game yet, I will never ever deal with them again. /rant.
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    Theo tipped to emulate Henry

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11670_6483715,00.html Arsene Wenger believes Theo Walcott can make the same sort of impact at Arsenal as Thierry Henry, admitting the England international is 'very close' to playing as a striker. Henry became a Gunners legend during eight...
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    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

    Why is FM adamant that this guy is a midfielder? I've seen a few youtube videos that clearly show him playing the striker position and whenever he comes on for Arsenal senior team he plays as a striker... am I missing something?
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    Fall Out 3 vs Fall Out LV vs Mass Effect

    Go. (I'm going to get one of these games need to know which one is best) ****, I meant Mass Effect 2, I also meant New Vegas :p Leave a message explain your decision if you're bothered, thanks.
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    Chelsea buy everyone

    Seriously, they have a ridiculous amount of money along with an amazing willingness to spend it lol. Anyone else noticed this?
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    Arsenal's GKing Situation

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11670_6315416,00.html I agree with this. We either buy Akinfeev or keep Almunia. Former Arsenal captain Stewart Robson thinks Arsene Wenger should stick with goalkeeper Manuel Almunia, rather than buy Mark Schwarzer or Shay Given to replace him...
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    Small problem..

    Playing a net game and I had to take control as the other manager to show him how to do something, how do I back out of controlling it? ---------- Post added at 08:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:30 PM ---------- Noone? ---------- Post added at 09:10 PM ---------- Previous post was...
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    First team experience vs. Home training

    Firstly I'm not sure where this should really go but I put it here because it's probably the most popular section and it is related to players and player development. Just wondering what people's views were on this. Personally I think when you mould the player into what you want, then give him...