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    JP's blitz tactic. 14.3.1

    Hi guys, not played FM in quite a while due to other commitments. Just started playing again and made a brand new tactic based on Brendan Rodgers Diamond tactic, high tempo which looks to blitz the opposition early. Ive been really impressed with Liverpool this season like many others im sure...
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    JP's Last Hurrah (Simple & Solid 2) 13.3.2

    INTRODUCTION Hi guys, as some of you may know ive decided to call it a day for releasing new tactics from FM14 beyond, ive decided to do this for various reasons not just one. Before i retire though i thought id leave you with one final tactic for the latest and hopefully final patch. THE...
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    JP Woody's Conte style 3-5-2 (13.3.2)

    INTRODUCTION I've been becoming a big fan of Antonio Conte of late and his solid 352 system so thought id base what i hope are my final tactics for FM13 on his winning formula. Been testing with Boro and in my 4th season now and its been getting better season on season. I have them now at the...
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    Nigel Adkins sacked by Southampton.

    Southampton have sacked manager Nigel Adkins after two-and-a-half years in charge and appointed unknown Argentine Mauricio Pochettino as manager. Personally speaking i think this is a shocking and disgusting decision and i hope they crash and burn back to 22nd in league 1 were they were when...
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    JP's Attacking 442 (13.2.2)

    OK, first of all apologies for uploading and deleting the total football tactic earlier last week. It worked very well for me in the lower leagues with Bristol Rovers but after further testing with better teams i realised it wasn't quite up to scratch. Basically its no good having a tactic which...
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    JP's simple & solid 442 & counter version (13.1.3)

    INTRODUCTION: Hi guys, after only a week of playing the new game ive decided to release a new tactic after having decent success with it and seeing quite a few people struggling badly with the new game. Hopefully it will show how a simple common sense approach can deliver a reasonable amount...
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    Di Matteo Sacked!!!!

    Chelsea have announced the departure of manager Roberto Di Matteo following a Champions League defeat to Juventus. Di Matteo was given the job on a permanent basis in the summer after leading Chelsea to an unexpected first Champions League triumph but a 3-0 loss in Turin, following...
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    JP Woody's Wenger Style Tactics 12.2.2

    Ok people, here is my final tactic for FM 12 as promised. This time i wanted to do something a little different from the Clough/Germany tactics and go with the flamboyant beauty of Wenger's tactics (moaning and winging not included) Used them again with Heerenveen. Won the domestic double first...
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    JP Woody's Germany Style Tactics 2012

    INTRODUCTION Well im back with an old favorite, the Germany style tactics which i first created back in 2010 during the World Cup. These are quite different from those tactics although they do keep the 4-2-3-1 formation and attractive attacking football from the original ones. I created them...
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    Yes i know i said id made my last tactic for FM11 but sort of stumbled upon this while messing about so thought id share, plus if i can **** the haters off a little more it will be worth it. :P INTRODUCTION I made a very simple high scoring tactic for the 11.2 patch which proved to be very...
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    JP Woody's Anti Football Tactic.

    This is the Direct Counter attacking tactic ive been working on, its been made with underdog teams in mind as its designed to spoil the game and hit teams on the break with long balls and quick counter attacks. In many ways its a little like Jose Mourinho's style, certainly lots of similarities...
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    All New Brian Clough Tactics 2011

    INTRODUCTION: Well after a good while since i made my original Clough tactics for FM09 ive decided to make some new ones for FM11. My original Clough tactics are probably my favorite of all the tactics i made but they were very marmite, you either loved them (which many did) or you hated them...
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    England winger Downing fleeced by his agent.

    http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/2011/03/08/stewart-downing-fleeced-by-agent-ian-elliott-84229-28297948/ A DISHONEST football agent "siphoned off" hundreds of thousands of pounds from the accounts of former Boro star Stewart Downing to feed his own failing interests, a court...
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    Dead Space 2

    Ive just bought this game, has anyone else? I really enjoyed the first game. Yes it had its faults, got a little repetitive after a while but still a top notch Sci Fi game IMO. This time the game promises to be bigger and more varied with new abilities, new enemies and more varied surroundings...
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    Richard Keys resigns from Sky

    Breaking news. Richard Keys has resigned from Sky Sports. More to follow. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/jan/26/richard-keys-resigns-sky-sports Richard Keys resigns from Sky Sports after sexism storm Richard Keys, the Sky Sports anchor at the centre of a sexism storm, was...