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    jackson martinez and luis muriel

    has anyone used these 2 on fm 2013 ?????
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    buying football manager from steam download HELP !!!!

    if i buy football manager 2013 on steam , will it still be there to download if i move to a new pc ???
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    buying football manager fromr download HELP !!!!

    if i buy football manager 2013 on steam , will it still be there to download if i move to a new pc ???
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    Fabio Borini

    Im currently doing a liverpool save on the new patch and started a new save and as a liverpool supporter we have been linked with Fabio Borini for a while now and could potentially be our signing ( 1st signing ) so i was wondering has anyone used this guy on fm 2012 and what is his future stats...
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    has anyone achieved an average rating of 10:00 ????

    ive just bought cavani and on his debut he scored 5 goals and hes now got an average rating of 10:00 ??? also i would print screen but i don't know how to do it ???
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    how do i play these defenders

    ive just bought otamendi and thiago silva but ive notice they both play the same role (covering) so what role do set them on to play ???
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    how to get the best out of yann m'vila

    how do you guys get him to play well he only has an average of 6.93 on mine as i play him as ball wining atm due to the formation being played (4-2-4) so i was just wondering what preferred moves do you train him as and isit possible to make someones position come from accomplished to natural...
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    Radamel Falcao

    has anyone used this guy as im of need of a striker ???also ive notice hes a deep-lying -forward and never used one before so how would he fit into play with a striker beside him ( luis suarez ) ?
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    unbreakable defense pair

    who would you say is unbreakable defense pair in the game ????
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    Juan iturbe

    ive just bought iturbe has anyone tryed him out before and what he turns out in the future ???
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    kyriakos papadopoulos - need quick answers please !!!

    1. is he worth the buy ? 2. is there some sort of way of improving his concentration ? 3.has anyone had any past experiences with him ? 4.would it be possible to show a print screen of how he develops in the future ? Thanks :) p.s ive started a new save to play on the new update
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    isit me or......

    the new update has made it harder to buy players for the first season ?????
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    Paulo Henrique Ganso

    ive just finish my first season and playing the next having won the league and the FA cup with liverpool :) im just wondering is ganso worth 50m max ?????? and is he injury prone ???? this worrys me because some threads ive read he gets injured and some say no , ive just missed on signing...
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    players that are unhappy with training

    i keep getting messages from my coaches that neymar and luis saurez are unhappy with there training and im starting to see orange arrows on neymar , does this effect his development ???? or should i just ignore what they say and just let them get on with it ?????
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    best young goalkeeper fm 2012

    so who is the best young goalkeeper you had ??? print screens would be nice also. since fm11 i remember it being Alphonse Areola but has this years changed ??????