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Recent content by Anlaby7Hull

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    How to manage Blackburn , please help

    So this is my first save on the full version of Football Manager 2011 , I did play a lot on the Demo but never really got into any of the save's I started on it. However I vowed that when I got the full game I would stick to one game for at least a couple of season's . Right , this isn't a story...
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    Lucas Piazon - Sao Paulo

    I stumbled across this guy whilst actually looking for the other Lucas from Sao Paulo , however I think I got quite lucky when I found this dude. Even though his attributes are not very high now , he is tipped to reach 3.5 stars according to my Scout Report. His value is £750,000 but his Minimum...
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    Tips or advice for managing Bolton ?

    Hi all , I am not what you call a patient or dedicated FM player , my problem is I get an idea inside my head . Then i'll start a game with that team but quit before I reach the first friendly , I lose motivation so quickly it's untrue. So , this time I am determined not to quit. To make sure I...
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    Does signing Asian player's actually help finances?

    I have recently started a new save as Wigan Athletic, I am on still on the Demo by the way , tragic I know :( Anyways , with a starting transfer budget of £2M and around £30 K left for wages , I am never going to be able to compete with most other teams' in the league financially wise so I was...
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    World Domination? Don't make me laugh....

    Database 2010 Summer Update by LFCMarshall Size : Medium Players : 21000 :O Selected Leagues : England : N-Power Championsip and Above Indonesia : Super League Italy : Serie B and Above Spain : Liga BBVA Well, the main objective of this story is in the title - World...
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    Do you buy weak players on purpose?

    Right so here's the situation, I started a new game with Leeds on the update by LFCMarshall so there in the Championship.I finished 9th 1st season so I was pretty pleased,I was even more pleased when during Pre-Season I signed Marcelo Zalayeta on a free transfer.However I was talking to my mate...
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    Could someone please help?

    Well this quite a long story but here goes.My internet crashed a few months ago which meant I could still play FM but pretty soon the novelty wore off playing FM,without being able to use the net, so I decided to uninstall which worked.However I began to want to play the game again so once...
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    England's Cubs Ready To Roar!

    With the World Cup coming up,there has inevitably been a few England stories cropping up here and there so I decided to follow trend.However I decided not to start with the full squad straight away so I chose to start with the England Under 21's and eventually getting the full England job.I will...
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    Would you download?

    Hi, I actually thought of this last year towards the time when FM10 was being released,so therefore not many people were interested.However,now everyone is on the new game I decided to have another go at making this new database.So,basically I use the Welsh Premier League,I then delete...
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    Jimmy Bullard's Shampoo Advert

    Just though I'd post this as I thought it was quality,fora funny advert the only man for the job is Jimmy Bullard:)YouTube- JIMMY BULLARD CELEBRATES WASH & GO'S 21ST BIRTHDAY.mov
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    No Fancy Thread Name,Just;My Gabon Story

    So after spending a lot of time looking for a decent challenge,preferably with an international team I came across Gabon.A team with few quality player's yet they're 35th in the World Ranking's? Hopefully this will get more attention than my other stories as it is a more interesting read.Also if...
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    Forgotten Player's

    Just thought I'd make this thread to see if anyone else has any forgotten players who they come across whilst on FM or just browsing the net.You know what I mean you see a player's name on the internet and you go "Aaah I remember him,he was a class/awful player" etc etc Here are a...
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    The Toffee's-An Anlaby7Hull Tale

    Not done a story for a while but here goes,, So,basically I holidayed the first season( I sometimes prefer to start in the 2nd) and was looking for a decent challenge such as keeping a promoted team up etc.This is when I came across Everton,who finished 9th in the first season.My aim is to...
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    Only Fools And Horses=Brilliant

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone else enjoys Only Fool's as much as me.I have the full DvD set with every episode on and I watch at least one episode every night.Post your opinions on the greatest British comedy of all time
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    COAL United-The beginning of an era

    Hi, Recently I started a project in which I created a team and using Nick's South African database I placed them in the the South African Upper Division,the fourth tier of African football.Anyway,let's tell you about the team ---------------------------------------------COAL...