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Recent content by donshaggy

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    german national team

    What is it with these fake players on the german national team? their stats are immense and its virtually impossible to play against them? is this an error in the game or is it just me? :/ Max
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    Steam installed game

    Hi could someone please talk me through how to install/play the game without steam please? Its doing my head in that software. I bought the game, i have the disc and yet it seems like everytime i want to play the game its got to be done through steam and now its telling me the game is not...
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    Steam Install

    this is got to be the most frustrating installation ever. i have spent pretty much all weekend trying to install the game. I get the whole idea of trying to stop piracy but if all you can do is install the game online? what about those of us with terrible internet speeds or people with no...
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    Screen shots!!!!

    Could someone please remind me how to take them please???
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    Custom database with a New Nation(country), competitions and more!!!

    P.S: Database done uploaded and waiting moderation i think, when its approved i will post link here. As you can see from the screen shot, included in the database itself is the latest summer transfers! Alright where do i start, well i have had some time off work lately so i decided to make...
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    Custom database with a New Nation(country), competitions and more!!!

    Alright where do i start, well i have had some time off work lately so i decided to make myself busy by having a wild crack at the editor. I always joke about how i would love to start my own country if i won a jackpot and that, so figured if that "dream" cant be realised at least i can make it...
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    Career Hall of fame stats.

    just realised that for some reason trophies i have won over the years in the game is not being recorded. I manage a club and england...but just checked and it says current club N/A even though im managing a club...is this a bug or something that im doing wrong?:( ---------- Post added...
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    Kits and colours with editor help please!

    I have been asking loads of questions on this topic for a week now and so far havent got any answers.. most of them i have figured out myself but there is this one thing that im still struggling with and i dont know whether its a bug with the editor or something that im doing wrong! right...so...
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    kits and crest..help please!

    i have created a custom database with a custom club..problem is when i load up, i get this strange looking kits different from the one that i created, is there something that im doing wrong here? and another question how do you create a club crest?? cant seem to find it anywhere.. thanks...
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    best Left back?

    im looking to sign a left back for my united save...any pointers please!(H)
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    Manchester United Transfer budget on 11.3 patch!

    i got a starting budget of 14m on this patch.. i think its a bit unfair seen as united didnt spend a penny last transfer window and we suppose to have the "ronaldo money" ? i never started a save with United in the two previous patches so wouldnt really know how much you got then but 14/15m is a...
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    Strange Injuries!

    Just started a new save with the new patch and for some reason im averaging at least 1 injury a game...its a bit frustrating really...now i have wayne rooney out for 3months and im only a couple of weeks into the season, this is my first save with united per say but never do i get so many...
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    Strange Retirements!

    Im in season 2012/13 and it seems like everyone over the age of 60 is retiring, Arsene Wenger went first, then Sir Alex, Capello, and most coaches over the age of 60...the most bizzare one was Bryan Robson?? Is that how the game is programmed or is it just my save?
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    addicted to fmrte: help!

    right! when i started playing these series from fm 09, i knew nothing about fmrte and i played the game clean. even though it was soo fraustrating for me at first i enjoyed it, cuz that was the real challenge at the end of the day. till i heard a whisper of how you could change your kit colour...
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    Skin_Skin & FM-SERBIA skin

    Is there any word on any of these being made again for fm11? these were by far the best skins i had for fm11 and will be nice if the guys made something similar for 11 as well^^)