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    Important Specs For Running FM?

    I'm getting a new laptop soon and I want to make sure FM will run fine on it. The computer I use right now only has 2.5* performance and if I put on 3/4 countries with about 10 leagues it has 1/1.5* speed depending on the other database settings I choose. After 3/4 seasons of playing the game it...
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    Monthly Installments

    If a team makes an offer for one of my players of say 12 mil over 12 months would I get all 12 million straight into my transfer budget or would it slowly go up over time?
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    I'm Aston Villa and I'm in March of my 1st season and things are going OK but I need a whole new defense and GK for next season because they have been awful this season and there getting old. I MIGHT get into Europe, (depends how I do in the FA Cup) and I will finish 7th/8th in the Prem by the...
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    No First Window Budgets.

    I just started a game with that box ticked or unticked whatever so that there was no buying in the summer window. When will I get money to spend? Will they give me a chance to change objectives in January and give me money or will I have to what till next season or what? Anyone know when I'll...
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    Assistant Manager - Manger of the Month

    Just wondering if this has happened to anybody else's assistant. I'm managing Huddersfield and we're doing well but in December we suddenly lost form and dropped from 2nd to 7th in the table. I was struggling to motivate the team as I was using Sunday League past xp and had been in fights with...
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    Leicester 2nd Season (Prem)

    I have a budget of 20mil, easily increased through selling players and the TV rights when I get them, as well as budget adjustments as I'm around 250k clear with wages. I just need any kind of defenders, maybe a good a CM, a Right mid and a striker who knows how to find the back of the net...
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    Point Deductions?

    Is it possible to get a team into administration and get them a point deduction? I've never done it before but might try for a laugh...
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    Automatically Being Given Jobs When Unemployed.

    Has anyone else had a problem that when you start unemployed and go on holiday you become a clubs manager without agreeing to it? I started a game unemployed with a load of different leagues, I went on holiday and put it to APPLY for any clubs and RETURN FROM HOLIDAY when offered one. It...
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    70 mil To Spend in My 6th Season

    I have just got to the end of May in my 5th season (2016) as FC Bayern manager and Kenny Dalglish has retired. At this stage Liverpool have just won the prem and they're team is very strong. I got offered the job with 70mil to spend and now I need to know who you guys would recommend at this...
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    Best Teams To Manage?

    Hey, I have made this thread to ask who everyone finds the most fun to manage on FM12 because I find it quite annoying when I start a new game and end up feeling I've wasted my time because it was no fun either because I did extremely bad or it was far to easy. I need a fun team to manage that...
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    Is This Possible

    Is it possible to basically delete the whole world and make a new World thing with 5 leagues of 20 teams where all the 100 teams start with like 1mil finances and then no players or staff and say a 10,000 cap stadium and the whole idea is that all the clubs start with nothing? Just using made...
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    Downloading Graphics

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me download some kits and club logos because I tried to but I don't know how to use them because I don't think I have any of the folders I need, I don't want to just start making random folders incase I mess it up so can someone tell me where exactly I...
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    Rich clubs

    Anyone know any teams that are quite big at least top tier and quite rich because of Asian or Russian owners or something in that general area? I only really know like Malaga, PSG, Anji and Man City that are the latest rich teams in Europe. I seen a good list somewhere but I can't find it...
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    Club Discipline issues

    Hey, I think my club has a major issue with discipline and not only was the constant moaning about lack of games from people who play in most of them anyway and the continuously getting yellow cards and therefor suspensions for stupid tackles in games I now have the more sensible and senior...
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    I'm managing Malaga and I just lost 4-1 to Barcelona and I just think it's stupid how good they have been made. This is there results so far this season... 7-1, 7-0, 6-0, 6-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 4-1 and 4-0 and so on all league games. 72 goals for and 9 conceded in the league after 19 games...