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    Scouting..... When? Where? How?

    Hi guys, currently in my thirteenth season with Norwich, a lot of my squad are nearing the end of their career, I have over the years been bringing in younger players scouts have managed to found me, but I fear I'm doing something wrong with my scouting set-up as I just don't find/bring in that...
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    Difference between loading leagues and loading players and computer performance star?

    Whenever I start a new save/database.... I ALWAYS have a custom database including all players from 'nation' of all the EU countries. I also usually load about ten/twelve nations/leagues.... I was just wondering what the difference is?? The amount of players in the database always changes when I...
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    Contract Negotiations!!

    Any techniques or money saver tips anyone has?? I like to keep my Wage Budget as low as possible, and usually go down the route of offering a lower wage in favour of a higher signing on fee! What I am wondering if sometimes in the long run this is actually costing me more money! So I am...
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    Mental attributes and tutoring players.

    I have NEVER indulged in the tutoring players feature on any FM game. I was curious as to the actual benefits from it. What should I be looking at when deciding what players need to be tutored and more importantly what players should be the tutors. I imagine high mental attributes would be...
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    Successful scouting setup??

    I have been playing FM for a few years now. I haven't ever really gotten into too much detail with certain aspects of the game, I usually download tactics from here and use training schedules from here too. I'm happy knowing I'm not so great at this side of the game. But I have never been able...
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    No way of improving 'Youth Recruitment'!

    So I am into my fifth season with Norwich City, stable in the Premiership. Since the first season, I have interacted with the board to attempt to improve the youth recruitment. I have requested this every two/three months for four whole seasons now and every time I make a request, the ONLY two...
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    Steam not automoatically updating? January transfers? Latest Patch?

    Hey guys, whenever I load up FM12 to start a new game/save, I only have 12.0 version available. I installed my game via Steam. I was of the understanding that Steam would automatically update my game? Does anyone know currently what the latest version available is? 12.0.4?? Also when is the...
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    Youth Facilities Cancelled

    I had asked for an improvement on the youth facilities, and it was accepted, obvioulsy asked to improve yet again.... at the start of my fourth season now, thought I would try again, then I noticed this! Any ideas what has happened or why this has occured?
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    How Can My Team Be Improved?

    Arsenal start of fourth season. ------------ De Gea ------------ Vrsaljko - Djourou - Jones - Clichy ------- Fabregas - Rodwell ------ Hamsik ----------------- Pastore -------- Cavani - Aguero -------- Romero Szczesny Gibbs Sagna Vermaelen Burdisso Song Wilshere A.Johnson Nasri Piatti RVP...
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    First Time I Have Signed.....

    I really hope something like this doesn't already exist (my apologies if it does). This thread is for everyone to post players they have signed for THE first time in their FM career. All those years you have been playing and wondered how this player would perform, or how many goal that player...
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    Javier Pastore, new position training.

    Hey guys, I have just purchased J.Pastore in January of the first season, I am wanting to train him to a new position of AM/LR so he can play on either side of the wing. However I am now towards the end of March, and he is still ineffectual in both positions. Am I being naive in thinking he...
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    Reserves and U-18s

    Now I have always used my staff to control of these teams, I was wondering, if anyone actually takes control of them? I was thinking about it and what benefits there may from taking control of them. Watching these games, you may see something in younger players your staff may not, if players...
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    The Best Football Manager Game?

    Hey guys, I only started playing FM from 2008 (as I was/am a hardcore LMA fan). Now for me 2011 has been the best edition of the series, but I talk to friends about this (some who have played from the early days) most say 2005 was the best edition. So I was wondering what everyone elses views...
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    Arsenal Team Guide Patch 11.3

    Hey guys, I am in the process of putting together a team guide fro Arsenal on the 11.3 patch. I thought I would upload what I have now so people can comment on any improvements they feel I can make to it.... all constructive criticism is welcome.
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    National Management!

    Hi guys I am starting a new save with a National Team, I was wondering if anyone has any insights as to the purpose of having coach's? I obviously realise the need and benefits of having a coach/s for club teams, but when managing a national team there is no training screen or anything like...