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    Please help Steam hasnt automatically updated my game

    Ive only just noticed this, when i went to start a new game it says the version im on is 13.0.0??? isnt the latest update 13.2.2, is there a reason why my steam hasnt updated it? am i supposed to update this manually? ive never had this problem before, ive restarted steam but nothing happens id...
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    The match Engine when watching the full game

    Ive searched the board to see if anyone else was having the same issue as me but couldn't see it so apologies if this has already been covered but im really struggling with it, im probably in a minority in that i like to watch the full game every game, i feel it gives me a much more accurate...
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    How to get players to become coaches?

    Ok ive just started a career at Man Utd, both scholes and Giggs only have 1 year left on their contracts and in private chat ive suggested they become coaches at the club, both agree and ask if they can start immediately i say yes, yet when i end the conversation neither of them appear as...
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    How to play (and get the best out of) Rooney & Van Persie??

    Has anyone had success with these 2? seems ridiculous to say i know but im really not sure how best to play them, should i play them as a front 2 or with Rooney in the AMC position behind Van Persie? and in what roles? its annoying that they both seem best as DLF but that role dosnt really suit...
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    Team talks dont work since the update!??

    Is anyone else having this problem? since the update hardly any of my players respond positivly to any sort of team talk i give them it dosnt matter what tone i say it in or what i say i cant get any sort of positive reaction from them since this ****** update thats done more harm than good from...
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    German national team keeps dissapearing please help!

    Ok so i have deleted the appropriate inc file in the sports interactive folder played a new game and everything was fine full german team available, got bored of that save so started another one today and just noticed ive got the fake germam team again!?? why is this? i dont want to start...
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    Ross Barkley

    How good does this player turn out to be? because of the premier league and champions league home grown regulations i need to start replacing some British with British and this young player is getting rave reviews in real life yet ive not got far enough into any save myself to see how good he...
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    Eden Hazard or Neymar?

    Need a high quality AML and ive narrowed my choices down to these 2, both will cost around the same figure so money isnt an issue im simply wanting the best player for this position, If i go for Neymar and thats who im leaning towards then i plan on using him as an inside forward, if i got...
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    Just paid 100 million for Thiago Silva!

    Yes i know he nor anyone else is worth it, i know its a ridiculous price and all but i just thought why not its not my money its a game and what does it really matter especially when your playing as City and you know money is no object the owner will just pump another billion in anyway so you...
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    Edinson Cavani as a Complete forward?

    Has anyone tried this? have been using him as a poacher and hes done very well (scored 20 goals in 20 games as poacher towards the end of my first season) but i just feel it doesn't make the most of him as a player? i went through all the striker roles and complete forward seemed to be the best...
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    Shakthar Donetsk Winger Willian not appearing on my game??

    I made a thread enquiring of potential new AMR signings for my Man City game and a number of people suggested Willian, now when i go to his club hes not there and when i search for his name nothing comes up? is this because im running the medium database and not the large one? do i have to...
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    Is it possible to sign Arjen Robben?

    Is it possible to get this player out of Bayern Munich? im nearing the end of my 1st season with Manchester City and im happy with everything bar my right wing, i don't have a natural AMR in my squad and im looking at Robben to fill that gap, hes perfect for the inside forward role naturally...
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    Yaya Sanogo

    How good is this guy and how good will he become? my scout came back to me with a report on him on my current City save, i was unsure as i have lots of quality strikers already but i saw that every other major English club wanted him (im City) so i snapped him up as hes out of contract at the...
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    Help getting David Silva to perform?

    Basically as the title says im having real trouble getting the best out of David Silva, i play him as an AMC (his natural position) as an attacking midfielder with an attack duty (what every coach tells me is his best role and duty) and he just dosnt play well, constantly averages between 6.3...
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    Getting David Villa to perform?

    As utterly mad as this is im really struggling to get David Villa to play well, his stats are well the best in the game for a striker im playing him as a poacher with target man supply set to run onto ball, i also have the likes of Xavi and Iniesta supplying him yet hes been awful, cant finish...