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    How do you set up a Network Game?

    Can someone please explain this in a fair bit of detail, please. I've seen various guides on this about FM 2011 but I'm not at all sure of how to do this on 2012. I tried to set one up with a friend the other day but it didn't work for some strange reason. I've not got much experience with...
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    Ubuntu v Windows

    Hey, I've recently come across Ubuntu (it is a form of Linux OS) and I was wondering what your thoughts were on it? It's absolutely free and from what I've read, it's great. But just wondering if most programs (especially good ones) will run on it. I've currently got Windows 7 installed, by...
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    Le Thread Français

    I've seen the Deutsch (German) thread, which was a great idea. So I thought, why not have a French thread to discuss, practise, ask questions about and help others with French. Mind you, I'm not even at GCSE level French, so I'm no professional. But I thought this thread could be quite useful...
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    The Young Apprentice Thread

    Hey guys, I looked around and there seemed to be no thread for the Young Apprentice, and the Apprentice threads had tons of posts in it, and were from the last series. What is the Young Apprentice? The Young Apprentice is a version of the Apprentice, but for teenagers or young adults...
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    The Goal Hanger - A Football Blog

    Hey guys, I've started a new blog using Wordpress - it's called The Goal Hanger and it's a football blog. I normally post general articles, but I may post match reports about specific matches. I will be trying to make one post per week (at least) and I am thinking about posting a Saturday update...
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    Mental, Physical & Technical: Version 1 (2011/12)

    What is Mental, Physical & Technical? Mental, Physical & Technical is a football/soccer-based game where you rate players. It is a very original idea, and there is nothing out there which is like this. Put simply, you have to rate a player out of 20 on their mental, physical and technical...
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    Kit Megapack?

    Hey fellow kit-makers, I'm thinking of making a massive kit megapack which will increase FM-Base's downloads. We have a 50,000+ faces, and logo megapacks but it seems there are hardly any massive kit megapacks which include many leagues. I'm willing to help make it, but I won't be able to do...
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    Technical Tips for Football Manager 2012

    Football Manager can be frustrating at times, as some things don't work. However, there are normally easy ways to solve these issues - especially if you look hard enough. These methods may be fairly time consuming, but they're better than a game which doesn't work. So here's some tips to help...
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    Processing Error

    I just installed FM using the disc on my Laptop (it's new so I just installed it) and after downloading the Pastel 11 Skin, when I start the game - after the 'Welcome' in many languages screen it just says 'Processing...' and stops. I think it is to do with the skin, so I have tried cutting it...
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    The 'Who Should I Play?' thread

    Sometimes you have a FM dilemma - should I play Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi on the RW position as Inside Forward? You look at their scout reports, considering what Tord Grip & co. say, but they rate both the same. Then you compare them, looking at who has the better attributes, yet they...
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    The 'Big Three' Challenge (FM 2011, FM 2012, etc.)

    The 'Big Three' Challenge (FM 2011, FM 2012, etc.) Introduction The challenge I have come up with is probably what you have already thought of or even done. It's simple and requires no editing nor patches (so absolutely everyone can participate!). It's not simple, but it is achievable...
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    How the 'swapping/exchanging players' system works?

    Sometimes I have a player I would really like to shift, and one I really want to buy. For example, if I am Liverpool I want to get rid of Maxi Rodriguez and want to buy Kadlec. Despite Rodriguez being better at the moment (value, attributes, etc.) than Kadlec, Sparta Prague reject an exchange...
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    Major League Soccer (America) rule help?

    The MLS rules are really confusing, in my opinion, and I was hoping someone - maybe an American - could clear them up for me. The main rule I don't get is the 'drafts' and I'm confused at most of the player/signing rules. I understand you can only have 3 high-earners (e.g. David Beckham, Landon...
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    Watford, Palermo & Genoa Screenshots

    Can anyone post some screenshots of Watford, Palermo and Genoa's team, key players profiles and seasons expectation on a game with no patches/add ons? I have searched but there is not thread for this, only one for players. Thanks, *Paul*
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    [U.S. Città di Palermo] Counter-Attacking 4-5-1

    Hey guys! I'd just like to ask for some tips/help with Palermo (I uninstalled FM, have test coming up, so I can't post screenshots/don't know the whole team) for a Counter-Attacking 4-5-1. I've read the 'Tactician's Chalkboard' (thanks iNickStuff!) but I don't know how to set up for this...