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    Soton squad needs improving

    Finished second in my second season behind ManU - their 4312 seems to be unstoppable for everybody ATM. But anyway, all good and preparing for debut in Champions League. Need bigger and better squad for that, ofc. Thus asking for you suggestions: - GK: Muslera, Reina or Ruffier? Perin (8-9M)...
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    Building a European force in Wales! Please help

    Hi folks, just finished my 1st season with very respectable (IMO at least) 6th place. While preparing for next season, which will be harder (hopefully much more games etc) but really challenging (Europa League!), I would welcome any help building me a decent squad. Have no idea about transfer...
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    hopelessly small font

    Hi, after playing the game appr. 3 hours with new and bigger screened laptop (15,6" FullHD 1920x1080, NVIDIA Quadro NVS 5200) my eyes are burning... Impossibly small font in-game is really killing and I can't figure out any other solution than chaning the resolution smaller - but ofc that's...
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    Your team selection strategy?

    Had already quite a time long thought about which would be the best strategy for selecting your starting line-up. I'm emphasising it's mostly about bigger teams, where you have bigger squad, tighter scheldule, need to rotate etc. So, I would be thankful if you enlight a bit about your...
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    New right-back for Benfica

    As the board decided to take 4,5M for Maxi Pereira I urgently need new right back. Just starting the new season, willing to spend around 5M, so please dont offer any gem who will pay whole fortune. Already have Vrsaljko, who is progressing well and should be ready either to first or second...
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    Strange problem with squad registration

    Managing Vitesse, but getting "the red news" about New York Red Bulls player Sander Keller every day: "Sander Keller has signed a new contract with New York. The deal will keep him at the club until Monday 31st December 2012. As this player changed his status in the roster, a new squad...
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    Napoli: starting 3rd season

    So, third attempt to win Serie A (2xsecond behind Inter and Milan respectively) My current squad (playing wide 4321) GK: Amelia, De Sanctis, Boucher RB: Corchia, Appiah LB: Taiwo, Robinson CB: Hummels, Burdisso, P. Cannavaro, Santacroce plus Situ and top regen in youth's and Fazio on loan DMC...
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    Selling players. How exactly?

    The question in the title seems to be really odd, even stupid, I know. But for me it has a real content in it. So, how exactly and when do you sell your players? - At first simply putting them into transfer list and then waiting for offers? (minus is value drops significantly according to my...
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    How are you arranging friendly tournaments?

    Just finished 1st season with AFC Wimbledon - 103 points, goal difference 100-32, 16 points ahead of next team. Balance ATM 286K, wanted to increase it. Have read in this and other forums that it's possible to arrange pre-season friendly tournaments even with Premier League clubs. Someone with...
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    Laurito is complaining about Torres... What should I do with him?

    I got really unexpected piece of news today from Federico Laurito. It says: It's the end of second season, I'm leading the league with two points ahead of Chelski and also in contention in other competitions. So, everything is going well at least. Torres is scoring for fun (if not injured)...
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    Dilemma with Stevie G's, Carra's and Torres partner

    I'm in the beginning of second season with Pool and have quite a headache solving the situation with CB's and FW's. So, I have Carra, Agger and Skrtel. Agger is unhappy as I rejected some laughable offers and Skrtel is almost unhappy. What should I do with them? Sell one (which one), both or...
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    In need of home-grown players for Pool...

    I'm Pool. Finished first season as runner-up to Chelsea, only thing I won was League Cup. Now I offloaded some players I got decent or good offers (f.e. Fabio Aurelio, Dossena, Cavalieri etc). I have 34M in my kitty ATM. Where I have to improve and/or may getting stronger in your opinion? By...
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    How much is Martin Skrtel worth?

    So, I'm in the middle of first season with Pool and ManCity (yeah, themXD) is bidding 16M for Skrtel. I have Carragher, Agger and Hyypiä as centre-backs at the moment and as talks with potential new owners are ongoing I can't bring anyone new in. Skrtel has scored 5 goals in 19 appearances...
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    Marquinhos, Giovinco or Kroos?

    So, which one out of these three would you buy in the start of 9.3.0 patch to Liverpool? Details: Marquinhos - 2,5M + 8,5M over 12 months + 20% profit (salary 21,5K) Giovinco - 7,5M + 2,1M over 24 months + 15% (salary 18K) Kroos - 7,5M + 15% (salary 55K)
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    Making new history with Real Madrid

    Yep, it's Real Madrid and I know it may be boring for some of you. But for me it isn't (yet) as I won all four trophies first season. (Without using editor or smth.) Hopefully some of you will find a minute to look at my squad ATM. I have been given 150M transfer kitty ^^) Firstly: who...